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  1. O

    GMS 2 RPG Stats tutorial?

    I am making an RPG and have gotten to where several things I need t program require arrays, I decided to start with stats and use what I learn from working on this to do the other stuff. I can't find a good tutorial for this on youtube or online can anyone suggest some? also I don't know if this...
  2. Z

    Windows Menu ingame, help ?

    Hello there! I needed to make a menu inside the game to show the player his points of attributes, level and skills. The idea is when the player presses a key, the menu drew in front of the screen, without changing the room or something. But besides the drawing, it is necessary to appear the...
  3. R

    Design Classic Concentration Game

    I’m looking to create a classic concentration game similar to the old TV show, but with matching a set of physical therapy cases to the appropriate treatments. How should I go about doing this? It should also have the option to be able to import the matches from a word document (or other text...
  4. JeanSwamp

    Drag And Drop Tips for a newcomer to GMS2

    Hello! My name is Ivan and this is my first post here! I'm a videogame enthusiast but with not much idea of programming nor artwork, but I can manage myself to do a little bit of both thanks to drag and drop engines. My first and only engine has been Construct 2, which I learnt for a few...
  5. C

    Jumping Projectile?

    I'm a young beginner with no idea how to code, i just started using Game Maker, I was able to make all my sprites for a 2D platformer and decided that whenever the character jumps a blue beam will launch him up. However during the making of that sprite, I realized that whenever the character...
  6. G

    (solved) Code help! please

    I have a question, i want to make a custom cursor and i want to know the best way to make one. the: x = mouse_x y = mouse_y this makes me feel like all "x's" will be be on mouse_x for example; if i'm drawing a sprite at x+3 would that mean 3+ the origin of the sprite or the mouse? (same...
  7. jf_knight

    Shaders Pixel shaders to a Spine Json?

    Anyone know where I can find a tutorial/example on how to apply pixel shaders to a Spine Json file? I just need one good example I can work off of.
  8. J


    Does anyone know a good tutorial for an action rpg like hyper light drifter? thanks in advance
  9. J


    Does anyone know a good physics tutorial that I can follow, I use gm2? thank you in advance
  10. H

    A point & click adventure game, how to start?

    Hi Everybody. I'm new to GMS2 and this forum and in search of useful guides or tutorials. I can find a lot of information on how to create platformers, but I want to create a point and click adventure game, but don't know how to start. I was wondering if I missed a tutorial on that subject or if...
  11. N

    2d rpg

    can someone point me in the direction of a super easy to follow tutorial on how to make a 2d rpg that uses sword and shields?
  12. I

    Biologist want to make educational project , but can't GameMake!

    Hi. As title suggest I'm not familiar with GMS2 (tho I have made some "games" in The Games Factory 2 decades ago, plus I'm more tech saavy biologist, as per name), but I want to try it out. I have idea for game/educational project involving simulation of procaryote (i.e. single-cell organism)...
  13. P

    Legacy GM Dialog Text box help

    Hello, What I'm trying to do is to make Dialoge appear when I click a certain object ( i'm trying to make a small point and click game) and make a branching dialog sytem (I think that's what it's called) where the player can choose two things to ask and get different answers depending on what...
  14. S

    Interactive story like (Buried)

    Hey there! I am a complete noob to the gamemaker community, I am wondering how I can create a very simple interactive story game? The game that i would like to try to reference is called Buried: An interactive story. I was just wondering if anyone would be willing to make a full-length...
  15. M

    Legacy GM Does any one how to create a dialogue.

    Hey . I want to make the player to talk to other characters in the game but u don't know how . Does any one have a good tutorial. Or a good way to do it . Especially for one that fits a rpg game .
  16. Animation_00#

    Question - Code New - How relevant are GameMaker tutorials with GameMaker 2?

    Hi everyone, I just upgraded my gamemaker that I got from a humble bundle I just got started and have blown through the first tutorials on here but are there more tutorials out there that are somewhat accurate? I've worked with other engines in the past where there were some really...
  17. A

    Question - D&D Tiles & Tilesets (the easiest ways to use them)?

    I'm new to Game Maker Studio, so if there is anyone more knowledgeable on the subject of making tiles behave properly when placed (I have lines separating them, which the tutorial does not seem to cover), your help would be greatly appreciated. I came here from unity for easy asset creation and...
  18. C

    Windows GML Tutorial suggestions for inventory?

    Hi folks! I was wondering if anyone could recommend a tutorial for Inventory databasing and equip menus? I want to use a static image of my character and specialized gear static images to display what is equiped, not really a slotted display. And allow the user to navigate beteween body parts...
  19. P


    Hi everybody, I'm planning on making a Point&Click game with GameMaker but I barely found any tutorials. I found some for movement trough clicking, but that's it. Does somebody here know any other tutorials for point&click games? (for example tutorials on how to make the puzzles involving...
  20. U

    Tutorial Request: Android

    I wasn't sure I should post this in the tutorials forum because I'm looking for a tutorial rather than posting one. Can someone direct me to a decent tutorial on targeting my Android-based phone, preferably the most up-to-date tutorial you can find? Thank you!