1. Vargas

    GMS 2 A Game With Navy Ships in It

    Introduction: So I've gone through the basic tutorial on Youtube for GMS2 before but I wanted to try something a little more ambitious this time around. Instead of making a small game where you have one objects that flies around, I'm making one where you drive a warship and use multiple turrets...
  2. Bulldrome

    Timed Turret Firing

    So about a week ago I asked for some help on how to get my turret objects to fire in any angle I rotate them in. After getting some assistance from some users I got the turrets to fire in the proper direction but now they fire a constant line of bullet objects, creating a beam of bullets...
  3. Bulldrome

    2D Turrets Firing Angle

    I'm working on a 2D platformer and one of the simple hazards I want are turrets that will fire at simple 45 degree angles (8 cardinal directions). I have it working now but I feel I did it in the most sloppy way possible. I have separate objects for each turret angle but I also have separate...
  4. SuperRonanCraft

    GMS 2 Path prediction for projectiles

    I've been trying to find a way to get the angle that a supposed turret will need to aim at taking into consideration projectile speed, distance and the current position an enemy is in to where they WILL be when a projectile could hit its mark This is what i have at the moment, this only aims...
  5. X

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Rotation angle limiting

    I'm having trouble adapting some code. I have a stationary turret that the player can pan back and forth by changing its image_angle with the arrow keys. I want to limit its rotation to a minimum and maximum angle from its original position. The tutorial I followed does exactly what I want...
  6. G

    Can someone help me with my simple problem?

    I know this is dumb question and i would appreciate if someone answers me, so i created a turret and i want it to always point at the obj_player whats the code for that tho, i experimented with point_direction but it didnt work
  7. H

    Legacy GM Make enemy fire at either player 1 or player 2

    Hello! So I'm currently trying to make this turret fire at either player 1 or player 2 depending on which one it started targeting first. However, I'm having trouble making it work. At the moment, the turret is only firing at player 1, and completely ignores player 2. See this picture; This...
  8. H

    Make bullets go to the correct direction depending on turret angle

    Hi! Alright so I'm making this small 2D bullet hell game where you have to avoid bullets which turrets are firing at you. It worked just fine when there was only one turret, but when I started adding more turrets issues started to occur. Mostly because of this code right here in the bullet's...
  9. L

    Asset - Objects Turret example. [Free]

    Description: Free example of turret joined to tank. It simple but usefull example(I hope) which easy to use in your top-down projects. Marketplace: https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/5634/turret Support: Skype - luden16
  10. Necromedes

    Rotating Turret and Player Angle

    I want to put a turret on my player object that will have a limited turning angle (can only turn 45 degrees in either direction.) That's not the issue, I can code that without any problems but what is the issue is the next bit of code I want to implement. I need the turret to have a limited...
  11. J

    The loop is skipping. How do I stop this?

    This is an extension to my previous thread, so I will be a summary of my original problem: I am developing a Tower Defence game and I'm at the stage where I am coding the turret to shoot the leading enemy (or the enemy furthest along the path). Instead, when my bullet collides with the enemy all...
  12. J

    Turret shooting the lead enemy

    I need my turret to shoot the leading enemy in my Tower Defence game, however, when the bullet collides with the enemy all the enemies on the screen is destroyed. Here is the code in my obj_Tower step event: ///Rotate with Enemy and shoot if(instance_exists(obj_enemyPar)) { enemyid = 0...
  13. P

    GMS 2 How to get the coordinates of an enemy instance

    Hi there. I'm butting my head against a wall regarding aiming at a selected enemy My player is a mech divided in two objects (it's a tank right now for testing purposes), the legs that move like in a RTS, and a turret-like body that turns towards a selected enemy, or the mouse if none is...
  14. M

    Multiple instance for multiple instance

    Hello Hello! So the thing i got a hard time to deal with is; I made an enemy tank who have a turret. I made a spawn point but there is only one who have a turret. I know my problem witch is that the turret spawn on "obj_enn_tank1" but then when an other "tank" spawn, the turret is already...