1. sinigrimi

    GMS 2 changes in the angle of the collision mask (rotation of the collision mask)

    can i change the angle (rotate) the collision mask? or do i need to change all sprites? :( screenshot below
  2. E

    Legacy GM turn object1 around object2, fixed to object 2's surface

    How can i make an object turn around another object with the same speed as the surface of said object is moving (like a tree on a planet turns fixed on the surface/outer radius on the planet with the planet). I can turn the planet/circle without problem (image_angle), but i have problems...
  3. E

    Windows How to make a caracter turn smooth

    I have a 2d caracter and i want him to turn smooth in a circle like in Slither.io. Like a Car. Could someone send my the Code for that.
  4. jobjorgos

    Legacy GM How to turn off auto save of project in game maker studio?

    Hi, Does anybody know where I can turn off the autosave function of my project in Game Maker Studio v1.4? :)