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turn based

  1. C

    Crux (Fantasy Board Game)

    Crux: Category: Strategy, Boardgame, Turn-Based, Multiplayer File Size: 3.6MB File Type: Zip GM Version: Studio 1.4 Download Link: Dropbox Game Information: Crux is a turn based strategy board-game inspired by Chess, Starcraft and Warcraft. It is designed to be a competitive 1v1...
  2. M

    GML [solved] turn based strategy game giving me minor problems

    Each player can move two objects per turn. The first object to move can not move even when it is that players turn The second object moves just fine once that players turn comes around. This leads me to believe that the code below is not being referenced by the first object moved and only the...
  3. M

    Game Mechanics troubles with a rogue-like game

    For a school project I'm making a rogue-like game based on the mobile game which is turn/gridbased Unfortunately I'm having some problems with the changing of the turns and I'm wondering if anyone has some tips to make my game work. I've thought of a global variable or something to check if the...
  4. J

    Legendless (MVP Build)

    Hello Everyone! Legendless is a turn-based strategy RPG that I am working. Inspired by some of my favorite strategy RPGs and has some tabletop elements to it. This version contains the basics for the battle mode where you control 5 characters in combat against 5 enemies. You control the player...
  5. S


    --TROPIA-- Follow four heroes, a wizard, paladin, brawler, and ranger, on their adventure. It's 5+ hours of solid turn based monster slaying, macguffin collecting, and princess saving fun. This is an old school NES style RPG. It's called Tropia for a reason. We're not trying to make anything...
  6. B

     These mice have metal legs and they rust!

    Hi guys. In the last few months I've been working on my first project with Game Maker. The idea was simply to make a turn based multiplayer (3 players) game focused more on the story than the mechanics. I managed to write a story and now I have the tools (text, movement, ecc) to make it work...
  7. R

    Legacy GM Is it possible to cue an action on the change of a variable?

    Hi again everyone! Strange question tonight -- which may or may not be the result of me thinking about the issue the wrong way -- but I was wondering if there is a way to cue some code so that it activates when a variable's value is changed? To give some context I'm building a turn-based...
  8. TheWaffle

    Alpha Windows: Turn Based Stratedgy (with NUCS!)

    Currently you can play 5 out of 6 tutorials and tinker with the map editor. Not sure if multiplayer hot-seat is working. (Alpha Release). The tutorials should only take you about 15 minutes to run through. The objective is to demonstrate HOW to play, not how to win ;) so, the tutorials are very...
  9. S

    Alpha The Legend of Lorosity (RPG)

    Screen Shots
  10. YanBG

    Turn-based strategy

    That's the tactical mode(i plan few more unit types and province map). Huge thanks to this tutorial: This is the shader that changes the player color(red to blue): http://gmc.yoyogames.com/index.php?showtopic=589348
  11. C

    Windows A Bunny Approaches

    [Synopsis] As a knight, you're wandering through the forest when a bunny approaches you. Whatever happens next is up to you. [Game] A Bunny Approaches [Controls] Jump = W Left = A Right = D Duck = S Activate the UI by clicking on it with your mouse. [Music] Credit to Essasmusic [Notes] The...
  12. S

    Simultaneous turns

    Hello guys, I'm just seeking for advise how to implement simultaneous combat system. For now I see it like a "Planning Phase" where player and AI making some moves and spells and an "Execution Phase" where the planned actions occur (I would say all animations occur), and the game engine...
  13. S

    GML Using RGB values in sprites to apply attributes?

    Hello everyone! I don't have any code right now, but i'm curious if it's possible to do this with gamemaker. If any of you played the original total war games you'd maybe know about how regions are made? If not it's fine. I'm wondering if i can give RGB values attributes. (Examples below) R...
  14. Peyton Burnham

    Behind the Rose (Turn-Based RPG) - False 3D elements

    YO! This is a big update after a very long time! So if you thought this looked like kind of okay back then, then here you go! Best place for updates is my Twitter!: https://twitter.com/peydinburnham Hi! My name is Peyton Burnham and this is my dumb game! Behind the Rose is a turn-based RPG...
  15. woodsmoke

    CaTaCoMb ChEsS

    Catacomb Chess The city of Chessfield is being menaced by bloodthirsty monsters crawling out of the ancient catacombs! Together King, Queen, bishops, knights, rooks, and pawns embark to end the evil menace deep down below. The lawful chess pieces follow the chess rules, BUT THE CHAOTIC...
  16. C

    Legacy GM RPG order function not working

    The problem: - The code i'm running is not working the way i intended it and I don't understand what's wrong. What I'm trying to do: - I'm working on an rpg that has a battle system similar to that of Final Fantasy X. I want the order of all the...
  17. G

    Help with pathfinding in a turn based game

    Hi, im triyng to make my enemies move when the player is in range in a roguelike turnbased game, like pkm mystery dungeon series, but i cant find a method to use the path integrated in gamemaker to make them move only one time during their turn,because i dont find how to know the x/y of the next...
  18. L

     Land of Echoes - a turn based post-apocalyptic survival game

    Hi, all! I`m a developer of Land of Echoes and as big fan of post-apocalyptic theme eventually I decided to make it more complex and immersive and added a bunch of new features. The video shows you what is done so far to give you the maximum information about my...
  19. J

    Risk conquer like game

    Hi, I'm new to GM. So excuse me if I asking for something stupid or basic. My idea is to create a 2D game like Risk with multiplayer via Internet and turn based or time based. The map must support zoom, two levels, show the whole map and show the normal play view with scroolling to move around...
  20. I

    Legacy GM Turn Based Battle System

    Would anyone happen to have any guides or tutorials on how to create a turn based battle system similar to pokemon. All the ones I have found were severely outdated. Thanks in advance.