turn based strategy

  1. TomKai

    GMS 2 Grid based movement range

    Hi everybody, I need some help ! The game I'm working on is a grid based tactical rpg, and even if I'm managing the rpg part well enough I have some trouble figuring out the tactical movement part. Here a quick summary of what I'm looking to do : - When you select a unit, every square in it's...
  2. HarryForde

    GMS 2 Creating an adjustable turn order UI

    Hi everyone! I am currently making a tactical RPG, and I am looking for some ideas on how to go about creating the turn order UI. I am wanting it to be 6 or 7 small slides on the screen, with the order being dictated by the Agility stats of the character they are associated with. With the...
  3. F

    How to create tile based collisions?

    Hi, guys. I'm new in this wonderful thing of programming and I need a little help. I'm paciently creating a board-like game of strategy (turn based) and i have done the grid and the basic movement in there. The problem isthe following: I want to have a collision system for my armies so the dont...
  4. M

    GML [solved] turn based strategy game giving me minor problems

    Each player can move two objects per turn. The first object to move can not move even when it is that players turn The second object moves just fine once that players turn comes around. This leads me to believe that the code below is not being referenced by the first object moved and only the...
  5. Luke Pierson

    Diplomacy Order Resolution

    Hey guys, starting to make a computer game using Diplomacy rules for order resolution. If you're unaware, the players place orders and then once all players confirm their moves, the game reveals them and then resolves them simultaneously. Any rundown on how to possibly go about this? Because...