turn-based multiplayer

  1. Ben Allen

    Free [Steam] Wequer - Tactical Online Multiplayer

    Chess has evolved! Hatch units from eggs, make ranged attacks, cast dastardly spells, and take control of the board to win in Wequer. Watch the trailer Get the game on Steam Join the Wequer Discord Channel Wequer is an accessible turn-based tactics game with deceptive competitive depth. Take...
  2. Ben Allen

    Windows Wequer - Online Multiplayer Playtesting

    Hey all! I'm currently looking for some people to playtest a new 1 v 1 online-only turn based game. It's sort of like Chess, but also sort of like Advance Wars, but also completely its own thing. The game functions with Steam's P2P matchmaking system and also features a short tutorial and vs...
  3. Blueoriontiger

    Job Offer - Programmer Programmer needed for iPhone Turn-Based Multiplayer Game

    I’m currently working with a doctor to develop a medical matching game for a mobile platform, utilizing GameMaker 1.4. I’ve gotten to a milestone thanks to another member on here, but we’re ready to go to the next step, and they’re no longer available to help out. Our next milestone is to A...
  4. Blueoriontiger

    Can GameMaker Studio Handle This?

    Hello there, Name's blueoriontiger. Been poking at GameMaker Studio since I was 19 in various forms, and has been partially responsible for me wanting to making my own games. I recently go a full license of the 1.4 version last year; thanks to the devs for making such an awesome engine. :)...