1. A

    How do I get my character to move after inserting the input code into a script?

    Hello all, I recently joined a Udemy class so that I can utlilze finite state machines. However, for some reason, the code, when inserted into the script doesn't allow my character to move left and right, they can only jump. I'm not sure how to fix this and I already asked the instructor for...
  2. Evan Kinsler

     My Room Manager is not working the way I want it to.

    So when I run my game, the first room that loads up is not the the first room I want to load up. It shows a blank screen that shows no order of rooms. Whenever I try and drag rooms into the order manager, nothing happens; nothing pops up. Same thing with the asset browser itself. Whenever I try...
  3. P

    Uploading an HTML5 game?

    Hello! I've been trying to upload an extremely simple HTML5 game (click a blue square, get a point, blue square moves to random position) to a Wordpress site as a test - I've not had much luck at all. I've exported the game as an HTML5 target ZIP file from GMS2, but whenever I would upload that...

    Legacy GM Need help disabling certain code in certain room

    hey yall, I have a pause menu in my player stats object but I do not want to be able to pause the game in four rooms throughout the whole game. I have tried fixing this bug but it seems to do nothing. code is down below in the step event any help helps. thanks! PS i do not want the pause event...
  5. S

    Windows Source Control "Access to the path "....." is denied.

    How do i fix this? While working with a tutorial to get some practice in i accidentally deleted the player object and it's pretty much bricked the whole project? There is no way to get the "obj_player" back, so i remade it from scratch with the exact same coding, naming, etc and GMS2 is not...