1. Nathan

    GMS 2.3+ Is it possible to add different destroy triggers to instance of objects?

    I want to have a base object, and have lets say 20 instances of this object in a room. When the player touches the different instances, is it possible to make the individual instances trigger different events without having to make a duplicate object for every object instance that I want...
  2. X

    Asset - Extension ActiveVars - Trigger Scripts on Value-Changes

    ActiveVars Marketplace: Category: Extensions Price: Free Description: ActiveVars allows you to link scripts and variables, so that when the variable changes the script is called. Common uses may include: * Settings (resolution changes...
  3. boymakesnoise

    Question - IDE gp_shoulderrb not registering on right trigger

    draw_text(10, 20, string(gamepad_axis_value(0, gp_shoulderrb))) gives me no result (0) when pressing the right trigger, but does print a value when I press the left joystick to the left or right. Same goes for gp_shoulderlb. My Xbox360 controller registers all buttons and axes fine in the...
  4. S

    How to link multiple buttons to multiple doors?

    Hi folks, I am just starting with Game Maker and run into a problem I could not figure out. I want to place multiple buttons and doors in a room. Each button should be linked to a specific door. I tried a lot of things, but nothing worked. Would be great if someone could help me out here...
  5. W

    GMS 2 Spriter_is_trigger and running trigger twice issue

    Hello everyone! I have a question for everyone using Spriter and SpriterGM for GMS2. I'm using Spriter for a while now and, because of that issue, I'm trying to avoid using triggers. But this time I don't really can. It's just easier with it. And my problem is that if I use a trigger somewhere...
  6. G

    image_index = other.var won't work....

    Hey all! I'm having trouble with this and I was wondering if I was breaking a rule or if there was something else I needed to try. So my ultimate goal here is that if my character is sneaking, and he's by a door, and you push and hold the action button, then each time you tap the forward...
  7. M

    Mac OSX GamePad Input for shoulder triggers not working

    Hi, I've been building a game over the last 6 months, testing on MacOS Sierra. My game is setup to receive both keyboard and gamepad input (if a gamepad is connected). My scripts have been working perfectly up until this evening. After updating GM2 today it no longer recognizes all of the...
  8. A

    Use light to trigger events

    I am looking for a way to draw dynamic shadows/lights that can affect other objects, such as keeping enemies away or activating switches. I've tried looking for tutorials on such things for GMS, and at one point I found one for Unity. However, I feel much more confident in using GMS, as I've...
  9. G

    Question - Code Trigger events at specific times

    Hi everyone. In GMS2, what's the best way to play an audio file and have it fire an event at specific times (accurate to 25 ms)? I have a list of times I'd like to fire events at but instead of checking every 25ms to see if an event the time is within the list, is it possible to hand over that...
  10. T

    Problem with instances' creation code

    Hello, this time I have a problem dealing with rooms. Basically, I want to make the classic revisitable rooms, to do this I'm using an object that checks for collision with the player, and when this happens I use its (the object trigger) creation code in the room editor to manipulate in which...
  11. B

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Createing a radius around an object

    Hey guys!I'd like to create a radius around an objects so when an another object is in the radius it would do something. In this case: i want to create a radius around a castle so when the enemies are inside the circle it would start shooting the castle. Thanks in advance.
  12. M

    Door closing slowly[solved...]

    I made a trigger that if you touch it, the closest door is supposed close slowly, (but instead of that the game crashes) can someone tell me how to make a door fall down pixel by pixel until it has fall 64 pixels down?
  13. L

    Manually trigger timeline events?

    I'm currently working on a prototype for a fighting game that I wish to make, and I want to be able to implement rollback style netcode, part of which involves rolling back to a previous game state and then re-running frames with new input. This would involve going through potentially multiple...
  14. G

    Drag And Drop How to prevent click events from passing to object beneath?

    I have two objects and one overlaps the other. Both have left_mouse handling events. When I click the top object, I was surprised to find the left_mouse event was being triggered by the bottom object as well. How can I design it so only the top object event gets triggered? Assuming there is an...