1. omid

    How to rotate the moving triangle in the direction of motion?

    Create Event: execute code: image_angle=direction Step Event: execute code: direction = point_direction(x,y,mouse_x,mouse_y) image_angle = direction Draw Event: execute code: draw_set_color(c_red) draw_line(x,y,x+lengthdir_x(400,direction+30),y+lengthdir_y(400,direction+30))...
  2. M

    3D Point-Triangle Intersection Help

    Hello, everyone. I have some code that I've been converting from C to GML. The original code isn't mine, and there is a link to the original source. There hasn't been much to convert... Thankfully, it's been going very smoothly. Although, the 2D intersections of the code work - I'm trying to...
  3. Tsa05

    draw_triangle_rounded() - Is there a better way?

    Howdy persons, Simply, I didn't learn the proper terminology when I should have. Blah blah public school systems, anyways... while trigonometry concepts have become ever-increasingly clear to me on account of programming, it's plausible that I just simply haven't the knowledge of what to...
  4. P

    Windows triangle wall collision

    I'm try to figure out how to do collision checking between a triangle shaped object,thats constantly changing its image angle(image_angle).Do you have any useful code I could use (studio 1.4).I'm useing h&vspeed for movement(If that matters).
  5. Misu

    Getting z value from xy coordinates inside a triangle

    To be honest, I actually forgot how to do this technique. I have been searching everywhere online for formulas and coding steps but nothing seems to help. Even if this technique is inefficient, I need it for my model generation system (not used for real-time gameplay but for creation process...
  6. D

    Fractal Chaos triangle done with gamemaker

    Hi guys. Simply sharing to you my really short project. Recreating a chaos triangle with animated factor. Not a game persay but I used gamemaker to render separated frames, combined in a clip with aftereffects. Enjoy :)
  7. Misu

    Algorithm for checking if within a triangle

    Hi everyone. Im trying to figure out a way to check whether a point is within a triangle boundary for a shader. I came up with one method but its ratherly slow because it uses so much if statements. Does anyone know any possible method on detecting a point within a triangle boundary?