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  1. Adam Mansour

    GMS 2 20% Discount .. but where??

    Am I doing something wrong? Because I was waiting for a discount all the time and now that its here, I can't find it X)
  2. A

    Question - IDE Stuck In Trial Mode?

    I upgraded my Game Maker 2 license from the trial mode yesterday, but was still stuck with the trial mode limitations. I signed out and back in to my account multiple times and have reinstalled GameMaker 2 multiple times but haven't been able to fix the issue. Any idea on how to solve this problem?
  3. E

    Publishing nonprofit games

    Hi Everyone. I am new to GameMaker, and game development in general, and I was planning on creating some small games I have on my mind just for testing purposes. I understand that if you want to publish anything to make some money you require to have the full version of GM, but in my case, I...
  4. A

    Discussion [SOLVED] Purchased license but stuck w/ trial features

    I just upgraded from trial to a paid license for GMS2. On my account online I see: "GameMaker Studio 2 Desktop 12 Jun 17 Permanent" Yet, even after repeatedly closing / logging-in to GMS2, I can't use "path_add()" "Use of path_add() is not allowed in Trial Version"
  5. W

    Discussion Tutorials Won't Download in Trial Version

    Hi, I just downloaded the trial version of GMS 2 hoping run through the official tutorials. However, after clicking to install any tutorial, the progress bar for downloading gets to around 50% then suddenly disappears, and I am back to square one. Also, the official demos won't import either...
  6. B

    Question - IDE [solved] Trial version question

    Im using a trial version of GMS2. Is d3d feature in there or i have to buy the desktop version? When i try to d3d_start() it marks it as a variable
  7. D

    Discussion Resolved: Does the upgrade to GMS 2 from Trial on YYG automatically upgrade it on Steam?

    Okay, I've searched through a number of the Steam questions, but did not see this one. Forgive me if I missed it in the flow and search. I have downloaded the trial version of GMS 2 from YYG. I also connected my Steam account and pushed all of my YYG purchases there so that I had a single...
  8. W

    Question - IDE How long can you use the trial version?

    Hi, I need gamemaker for teaching kids and schools. How long can one use the free trial version? ('trial' suggests a time limit).
  9. M

    Question - IDE GM2 Executable Creation

    When will the Executable Creation for the trial/free version of GM2 available? Please at least a Executable Creation just for windows.
  10. T

     GMS2 Trial to Full Version

    Hi, (Not sure if I used the right prefix) I currently have the trial version of Game Maker Studio 2 with limited features and resources. I have started working on a project using the trial version. Will I be able to transfer the data from that project to the full version of the program if I...
  11. Aviox

    Question - IDE Source Control Timeline?

    Is there any word on when source control will be available in GMS2? I noticed the help file's instructions show options to set it up that don't currently exist in the IDE. I also noticed one of my favorite (read: least favorite) lines in the helpfile: I'll also say, this language is kind of...