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  1. Adrien Dittrick

    Team Request Branching corpses - An exquisite corpse of games

    What is this about? "Branching corpses" is an on-going tree of very short games with interconnected plots. The core concept is simple: Each game has 2 endings, the one you get depends on how well you play the minigame segment. As a developer, you can choose one of those endings and make your...
  2. WallyLC

    GMS 2 How to make a tree turn into fire

    I was wondering how to make a tree turn into fire and then just leave wood. I've been trying to google search tutorials on this but I couldn't find anything after searching for sometime. I'm brand new to gm2 but I'm having fun when doing some tutorials on youtube. I would appreciate if someone...
  3. Dmi7ry

    Asset - Scripts Tree data structure

    ds_tree Marketplace link Simple tree data structure for GameMaker Studio. Feel free to contact me if any issues or requests. GMS1.4 Note: add constants.txt to Macros (Resources → Define Macros → Load) See documentation in wiki. Function list Basic ds_tree_create(id) ds_tree_add(node...
  4. JoltJab

    Legacy GM Understanding the "Included Files" folder

    So from my understanding of the help docs, the "Included Files" folder on the resource tree can take external files and put them within the executable when the game is created.(correct me if I'm wrong here) So knowing this, I created a buffer and saved it to a file, and put that file in the...
  5. T

    Random tree generation

    GM Version: Studio Target Platform: Windows Download: http://www.filedropper.com/fractree Links: n/a Description: It's not really a tutorial, but an example. I think the code explains itself well. This is just a way if you want to create random trees. This version just creates them and...
  6. Dark

    Asset - Scripts ds_tree - Tree Data Structures for GM:S

    https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/4011/ds_tree This asset provides scripts for tree data structures implemented in native GML. The scripts contain autocomplete and argument information as well as a short description of what each does. Example usage: root = ds_tree_create(10); root_a =...