1. Pink Anvil

    Demo Inkbit Demo - Available [1 bit puzzle game]

    Hello, I've finally made a playable demo of my upcoming puzzle-game, Inkbit. The game is inspired by games like The Legend of Zelda, Minit and Baba is you. The project is yet in quite an early stage and many of it's components might change later on, but the base idea stays the same. I hope some...
  2. L

    GMS 2 Respawning enemies and traps (outside of view_camera)

    What would be the best way to make objects (like enemies and traps) to respawn at their original position if destroyed/left behind AND left outside the view_camera? (like old school NES games). My current code works like it deactivates everything and activates everything within my view_camera...
  3. Z

    What's the best way of connecting traps to activators?

    I'm making a platformer that has an 'activator' - that is, an object that activates something when the player collides with it. I was wondering what the best way of connecting these activators to their respective traps would be. So far I've made the traps search for the nearest activator within...