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  1. AlmightyTrapGod

    Android TrApp (Official)

    Today, I want to present to you a new game called TrApp! Welcome to TrApp, where you help your favorite character to finesse his way to the top! Play TrApp to reveal the amazing story of our hero, as he battle his way to the top by fighting off robbers, police, and giving each one of his...
  2. AlmightyTrapGod

    Android Trap (Worlds First Fully Mobile Trap Game!)

    Hi, guys today I wanted to share my new game with you guys. It's still a work in progress, but it's a lot of features added. Also, do not make fun of my sprites! Lol, I realize I'm very bad at drawing! In this game, you are expected to cook and sell your home made product. The goal is to make as...