1. danish.jaypee

    Image cropping

    I have this image of a coin that I need to use as an icon in game but while using it as a sprite, the entire square gets imported and I can't find an option of cropping it as a round image so I could only use the coin. I also have another similar image with transparent background that I thought...
  2. Architheutis

    Transparent images with filthy lookin´ edges

    Hey there, hum, I converted my (almost) ready game. My texture rate is set on 2048 x 2048. I always remark ugly edges in my transparent sprites esp. in my BG-textures (I sometimes import prepared images, made via Photoshop). I created .png-files with transparent BG, 72dpi, RGB, 32bit. Any ideas...
  3. D

    How to use shaders to make parts of an object transparent based upon contact with another object?

    I am trying to make a game in GameMaker 2 where objects become transparent depending on the object behind them. I currently have it so I am just checking each step (within the object to become transparent) whether in contact with the background object and then setting alpha to 0.5 if true. Here...
  4. M

    GMS 2 [Solved][Mobile App] Transparent GUI Buttons

    So I used Drag and Drop back when I was creating this code display_set_gui_size(1280, 720) global.Left = virtual_key_add(10, 587, 128, 128, vk_left); global.Right = virtual_key_add(140, 587, 128, 128, vk_right); global.Space =...
  5. F

    Problem with shader

    Hi guys. I have written a shader from one of tutorials I have seen which creates grayscale. When I apply it onto a sprite with a transparent background, it correctly becomes black and white but I get a black background behind it. any one can help? this is the shader: varying vec2...
  6. Khao

    Windows "Interpolate Colors" issues. Transparent pixels always default to black

    So, when using interpolate colors between pixels, a black border appears around most of my sprites. After a bit of research, I realized that this is because of the color of transparent pixels; the interpolation process picks up the color of the transparent pixels when trying to smooth out the...
  7. S

    transparent window

    How do you make a transparent window (layer) that you see behind? Is there only way to make your own sprite? Let me know if you have the ability to control transparency.
  8. Shadowblitz16

    GMS 2 (SOLVED) draw_rectangle draws semi transparent pixels on fill and some other things

    does anybody know why draw_rectangle(0,7,127,7,false) is drawing a semi transparent rectangle? also it seems that the lines top, left, and right lines are not drawing even though 0-7 is 8 pixels and 0-127 is 128 pixels which it should be drawing inside the rectangle like this.. here is my...
  9. RhyminGarFunkle

    Question - IDE Store rather than blend colors in sprite editor

    A year and a half ago, I made a thread about getting back the color blend/replace dialog options, which have been in the sprite editor for every prior version of Gamemaker, in the sprite editor for GMS2. Staff talked about ways to duplicate that functionality, and I talked about how those ways...
  10. L

    GMS 2 Transparent mask that doesn't render sprites

    Hi I want to create and object with tranpsarent sprite/mask that won't redner any sprites. I found one post in forum, but I didn't understand how to realize it. I am not good with shaders and surfaces. What I need to do? Here is post I found...
  11. Nathan Laing

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Why is there a 1 pixel transparent seam?

    Greetings all, I'm having trouble with 1 pixel transparent seams appearing when drawing sprites next to one another, flipped. draw_sprite_ext(test_sprite, 0, x, y, 1, 1, image_angle, c_white, 1); draw_sprite_ext(test_sprite, 0, x, y, 1, -1, image_angle, c_white, 1); // flipped I've been...
  12. W

    Mac OSX Objects added to room transparent

    When I add objects to my room and test the game they show up white and transparent. Objects added previously are fine. Any new objects added are affected. I have tried this with different sprites and objects. I have created new objects and sprites with no previous code and added them. They still...
  13. TotallyAverageGamez

    [SOLVED] Transparent 3D Textures Problem

    Hey All, Working a bit with the 3D in GMS2 and came across this: Wondering if anybody else has had this problem? The box I am trying to create looks like this: Here is my creation code: //Internal z = -50; scale = 50; #region //Mesh Vertex Build /* VARIABLES (Baked In) Buffer Name...
  14. D

    Question - Code How to modify entire tilemap layer alpha?

    Hello! I would like to change the alpha value of an entire tilemap layer, is that possible in a direct easy way? If not, what would be the best way to do that? Thanks!
  15. M

    setting transparency when walking behind object

    I want my tree sprite to turn transparent when the player walks behind it, but with place_meeting it checks for the collision area, not for the actual sprite area... if place_meeting(x,y,character){ image_alpha = 0.5; }else{ image_alpha = 1; } so right now it only turns the tree transparent...
  16. Pineapple Lake

    Question - IDE How to remove background color on sprite import

    I probably overlooked it but I can't find it anywhere in the manual or on the forum: How to import a sprite in GMS:2 while removing the background color? There's no checkbox for it, like in GMS.
  17. T

    Create blury transparent outline around sprite

    I was wondering if it would be possible to make a blurry transparent outline. What I mean is that the image has an outline thay is transparent but blury, so that everything seen through it that has a greater depth is blurry. Like to have a blurry glow effect.
  18. RhyminGarFunkle

    Question - IDE Replace transparent color on same layer in image editor

    Is there any functionality similar to the "color mode: blend/replace" dialog from the image editor in GMS1? It doesn't appear that there is any easy way to, say, replace a couple opaque pixels with semi-transparent ones, or replace semi-transparent pixels of one color with another. If you try to...
  19. zendraw

    Legacy GM background issue

    why does the background image turn black when i reload my project? im talking about a background with nothing in it, its filled with 0 opacity. in other words its transparent, and how do i fix this?
  20. S

    Image blending not working

    I have an object with a semi-transparent grey-scale sprite and depending on it's "element" I want the code to change it's color by image blending. I did this successfully with another creature that had an opaque sprite but it doesn't seem to work for this one. I'm using GML not DnD.