1. C

    help with blendmodes/shaders

    is there a way to make objects only blend with specific objects? ie: clouds only blend with the sky and not other clouds? i tried doing the surface method but it required i draw all the clouds at the same alpha. that won't work for me because as my clouds reach the horizon they become more...
  2. Leif

    Android Problem with icons attach

    Good day Tried to set images as icons - and failed. Specified reason - image has tranparency. Of course it has, it's png image, BUT: all pravious games had png icons with transparency. What changed ?
  3. R

    Background visible through solid sprites

    Hi all, This may be an obvious one for any of you pro's out there but for some reason my level looks transparent and the background can be seen through it. Even stranger is this only happens sometimes. I have have about 10 layers for game objects and game functions and then 7 background layers...
  4. If Programable_Matter

    Elementary Question about Masks and Transparency

    Simple Question. For some reason I forgot how to perform this action... I have a sprite which is a circle and is transparent inside (circle inside is transparent)..... Objects are inside the circle in the transparent area... however when I add a collision event with the object wihitin a circle...
  5. J

    How can I set the transparency of a view?

    Im making a map with a minimap, but the minimap is a view of the room, but smaller. The player can get behind the view, and this is all good, but now I cant see the player. Can I make the view transparent so I can see the map, and the player? If this isnt possible, what should I do to make...
  6. SubWolf

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Tranparent Sprites in Surfaces

    Hello everyone, I'm in trouble dealing with sprites that have some transparent parts. When I draw them in a surface (the surface has a background colour) the transparent part shows what's behind the surface. I'm uploading an image of this problem here. The code is something like this: ->...
  7. K

    Windows Non - intentional transparency issue with objects

    While the game is running, some objects appear as transparent while others are completely fine. I have a feeling that it might be an error with GameMaker Studio 2 itself but I'm not so sure. I made a new project and imported/copied over the same sprites, objects, and code and the transparency...
  8. S

    Windows 3D alpha value?

    Hello. So I recently wanted to try the d3d functions for a map screen only as the game I am working on has a lot of different layers of mapping. I managed to get very far really quick since what I need is really basic. I am using "d3d_draw_floor" just to draw simple flat textures on different...
  9. 2

    Can't Import Transparent Gradient Image Into GM8 or Studio 1

    I'm trying to import a gradient from Photoshop CS5 that goes from opaque black to transparent white. I can see it's transparent in Photoshop, but when importing it becomes black to gray and looses all transparency. If I save a png from Photoshop the png looses transparency upon saving and is...
  10. B

    GML [Solved] Drill transparent hole on top of a fully opaque rectangle

    Hi there, the thing that I'm going to achieve is the hole/window in a fully opaque rectangle covering the entire room. After applying that, I want to see the contents of the room only through this drilled hole/window. All other area should stay covered by the specified color (black for ex.)...
  11. C

    HTML5 HTML5 Transparent background canvas

    In GMS2 is it possible to get a transparent HTML5 canvas background? The resources I have found to accomplish this pertain to GMS1 and things have changed a bit. Thanks!
  12. S

    Legacy GM Pixel Perfect by RangerX transparency issue

    Hello, I had interpolation issues upon fullscreen toggling and used the Pixel Perfect method posted by RangerX to fix this. It works well and looks great, however some aspects of the game are drawing strangely: The left is without Pixel Perfect. The right is with Pixel Perfect. The issue in...
  13. T

    GMS 2 Environment Transparency

    I have made a map with multiple layers. The red color is the collision object. You can't move inside of it. I want to make the tile of the second and third layer of the house transparent. So you will be able to see the character. I can do it with an object. For example a tree. When the...
  14. TheOakNuggins

    GMS 2 [HELP] Blending Mode Masking - How to Change Transparency

    Hello! I'm trying to clip one sprite over another (which I've done thanks to a blog post on YoYo), but now I would like to be able to change the transparency of the sprite that's being clipped. Here's the code: draw_sprite_stretched(sSolid, 0, self.x, self.y, solidxScale, solidyScale)...
  15. P

    3d glass gm8

    I have glass and I want that you can see through it but I have gm8pro draw_set_alpha_test(true); draw_set_alpha_test_ref_value(128); doesn't work in gm8 has anyone an other solution?
  16. zendraw

    3D 3D texture transparency

    so i have this texture in backgrounds and i draw it on a 3d surface(a rectangle mesh) var temp = d3d_model_create(); d3d_model_primitive_begin(temp,pr_trianglelist); d3d_model_vertex_normal_texture(temp, 96.000000, 0.000000, -96.000000, 0.000000, 1.000000, 0.000000, 1.000000, 1.000000)...
  17. Nathan

    Mac OSX Gif transparency still available?

    So I am needing to convert some old sprite assets to different sizes because I am scaling my game different, and many were created eons ago when GameMaker 6 could import .gif with the lower left corner of the sprite being the transparency color. Is this still possible? I tried re-importing and...
  18. zendraw

    3D Q: Alpha in 3D

    So ive looked up the new article in the news window when you start game maker and there the person talked about how to solve the transparency cutting out anything that is behind it, which by using the default setting in GM2 is enabling ztesting or somthing (gpu_set_ztestenable(true)), i dont...
  19. D

    Question - Code How to modify entire tilemap layer alpha?

    Hello! I would like to change the alpha value of an entire tilemap layer, is that possible in a direct easy way? If not, what would be the best way to do that? Thanks!
  20. A

    Legacy GM Making surface pixels smoothly to fade to transparency [SOLVED]

    I'm trying to achieve an effect where a surface gradually fades to complete transparency. I've tried lots of methods to do this, but because of how blending works, especially on surfaces with alphas that aren't 1, I'm having trouble getting complete transparency. (I can't just draw the entire...