1. FoxyOfJungle

    SOLVED Stop running a part of the step event?

    Hi, I'm making a Clock and in some part I need to "stop" executing a part of the code, note below, every dn_phase == "anything", I need to execute what is inside only once, because the "clock_bg_fade_alpha" needs to be at "1" only once. I've tried using boolean, but I couldn't do it efficiently...
  2. Dioramos

    Room transitions [SOLVED]

    When i trigger warp object, I instantly move to the next room. How to make "Fade in" effect before teleporting? And "fade out" effect in next room.
  3. Adam Mansour

    Warp between rooms puts me in Coordinates before transition..

    As I said in the title.. I cant warp to a level because before this happens, the warp instance will set me to the coordinates in the room Im currently in. (intended is that the warp sets me there after I went to the next room) I tried putting the coordinates into the End Step, hoping that this...
  4. Adam Mansour

    "Blink-Transition" Issue! Please help :(

    I am following a Tutorial series of Shaun Spalding. In the 7th part of his series he explains transitions and I coded it exactly like he did, but for me its not the entire screen. I made an Object for transitions. in the following Spoilers I paste the code exactly how I wrote it. Here...
  5. E

    I need help with making game transitions

    Hi there! I'm a experienced drag and drop developer but, I'm new to coding on Game maker studio 1.4. Can anyone please tell me how to do a fade out transition? Here is what i want; If (player) on collision with (object) > fade in (go to room game over) Code I tried to do (but did not work) {...
  6. C

    Transition without Changing Rooms

    Good day, I'm developing a mobile based game that requires one room. At the level's end, I want a swipe 'transition' to a black screen. Text introduces the next level and transitions back after player taps screen. I planned on modifying Rani_sputnik's transition code...
  7. phillipPbor

    Legacy GM pixeleted transition

    i was thinking of adding a pixelated transitions behind the transparent screen like this. this is for a style for the TV screen just need a pixelated retro game with style.
  8. K

    Legacy GM Help with this FADE TRANSITION code? [SOLVED]

    I have this code that I got from Shaun Spalding's tutorials for a room fade transition: It works fine and all, but because of the way my game is put together and how the player moves from room to room it would be better if this transition was like this: Instant black screen > fade out of black...
  9. P

    How could I create "flow" to animations?

    How would I apply that "flow" or smoothness that bigger game titles such as GTA 5 and LIMBO have when transitioning through different animation cycles? What I mean is when I begin to start walking in these games...I don't go STRAIGHT from my arms being down at my side (idle sprites) to moving up...