1. saioren

    Windows Room transition help.

    So everything mostly works in this game i'm making. Im just following the friendlycosmonaut's farming game tutorial but I have this issue. When I switch room with the transition object, which works perfect, I can't move after the transition. My sprite animation works when I press up down left...
  2. Reddoka

    How can I add the transition after the dialogue?

    I've known the script of the transition between rooms like the instruction: Slidetrans (TRANS_MODE.GOTO, target). So how can I add it right after the dialogue??? Help me pleaseeeee! Thanks ~ OwO
  3. MarkWolF

    GMS 2.3+ Reproduce CSS easing functions with Animation Curves

    Version: GMS 2.3 beta Target Platform: all Download: Summary: we will recreate the main CSS easing functions without having to do the necessary math. For this we will use the brand new animation curves. A brief point on...
  4. Binsk

    GMS 2 Room Transition Effects

    If you want smooth room transition effects in your game, look no further. This extension provides you with all you need to get going quickly as well as for designing your own transitions with ease! Purchase You can purchase the extension at any one of the following sites: GameMaker...
  5. R

    Brush Stroke Transition Effect?

    I'm wanting to make a transition effect between level areas that looks as though brush strokes are painting in or erasing the scene. Here is an example I made in Photoshop of what I'm talking about: Is something like this even possible with GameMaker? Is there a similar technique I can use...
  6. A

    Need some Advice: One room with Multiple Room Transition Options. [SOLVED]

    Hello, it's my first time here so I hope I'm posting this all right. I've been going page by page seeing if anyone else was having a similar issue before doing a normal search and found something similar that "could" help me solve my issue, but not quite. Anyway here is my issue. I have a set...
  7. L

    TRANS.MODE.GOTO not working

    hey, i am watching the Plattformer Tutorial from shaun and one thing never worked at my code... The TRANS.MODE restart, next, intro etc. allways worked. except the GOTO event. when i make this the screen just gets black all the time. any ideas? code: Create: /// @description Size Variables and...
  8. L

    No second room transition (Solved)

    Hi, i faced a weird problem. When i go from the menu to the first level of my game, the transition works but afterwards i cant get to the second level because of an error. if i change the order (first level instead of menu screen) i can reach the second level. basically i am just able to change...
  9. L

    Need help with transition between rooms

    Hi!, excuse the poor english. I dont know if anyone is following friendlycosmonaut tutorial in how to make a farming rpg, my question comes from there: For tje transition between rooms she uses an enumerator for declaring directions, (90 is right, 180 is down, 270 left, 0 up). Then she creates...
  10. T

    Graphics Room Transition Effect

    GM Version: 1.4 Target Platform: ALL Download: N/A Links: see video below Summary: Learn on this series of tutorials how to create awesome and easy room transition effects with only 1 object! The series has a basic tutorial (for initial setup) and then different tutorials for different effects...
  11. D

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Check if I came from a certain room

    Hello guys!! So... I have this issue... In my current project, I'm trying to know if I came from a certain room, so I can destroy the transition object to that specific room. I thought making it with global variables, but I failed. Hope you can help me!! ^^
  12. C

    Opening Screen Effects

    Hello, I'm trying to figure out how to go about creating an opening similar to what you see in this video (starts at the 15-second mark). So far I think it has to do with a combination of camera animation and screen transition effects to create the fades... Would be much appreciated if anyone...
  13. ShiningMagikarp

    GMS 2 Zelda-like Room Transitions

    Hey, In the first and many subsequent 2D episodes of the Zelda series, the game view "slides" from one room to another when a door or passage is reached. How would one go about achieving a similar effect in Game Maker, without having all rooms forced into one gigantic room? The idea would be...
  14. Y

    GMS 2 rooms transitions

    i am making a game where you have 4 rooms that are in fact one cubic room (each room is a wall). what i want to do is to transit between the rooms as a sliding image (not just apear in the room),i am not sure how to explain it ,as imitating a rotation.
  15. B

    Legacy GM Drawing a sprite, then playing its animation

    In my game, I am trying to add a quick transition where it puts a flash of white on the screen and fades away over about one second. I do not understand the draw events that well and what I did was make it draw a sprite I made but it only draws the first still frame and does not play an...
  16. Jmarlin3

    Transition Issue in Gamemaker

    I've been using this video as a tutorial: In one part of the tutorial, he instructs us to code for the transition to another room. But when I enter through the room for the transition, the fade works, but this error appears: FATAL ERROR in action number 1 of Draw Event for object obj_fade...
  17. Jmarlin3

    Transition Issue

    I've been using this video as a tutorial: In one part of the tutorial, he instructs us to code for the transition to another room. But when I enter through the room for the transition, the fade works, but this error appears: FATAL ERROR in action number 1 of Draw Event for object obj_fade...
  18. E

    Room transitions

    Hey, i have this problem where I want to transition between rooms. I know how to do it but i want that for exemple, after wave 5 (wave of enemies) that the player will be "teleported" to the next level. if any of you know it, please let me know. thanks.
  19. M

    (SOLVED) moving objects from room to room

    I just want to be able to move an object from one room to another with a click of a button..example if keyboard_check_pressed(ord('R')) { room_goto(roomsname) } that just moves the view to the next room, I want to be able to just move the object I have selected with left click...
  20. F

    Issue with Dash Mechanic and Wall Clipping

    Hi, first time posting to this form so if this is in the wrong section please let me know. I have been working on a side scrolling platformer that allows the player to dash while in mid air. I have been successful in building the ability its self, however when transitioning between the dash...