transition to other room

  1. R

    [SOLVED]music transaction

    hello guys I come to ask for a desperate help for you, this problem is being one of the worst I have ever faced (the others were very bad too but with your help they were not so horrible to fix). Come on, I'm trying to make an audio system that when it changes rooms it plays a different song...
  2. M

    GMS 2.3+ Room Transition not working

    Hello, I have come from Shaun Spalding's video on Transitions. And I can't see anyone else having this problem except for me. I am quite new to coding so I will have to apologize if it's an easy fix or whatnot. Basically Whenever I go to the end of my room where the OLevelEnd Transition is, I...
  3. R

    Brush Stroke Transition Effect?

    I'm wanting to make a transition effect between level areas that looks as though brush strokes are painting in or erasing the scene. Here is an example I made in Photoshop of what I'm talking about: Is something like this even possible with GameMaker? Is there a similar technique I can use...
  4. S

    GMS 2 Player disapeares when entering the room again

    Hello, I am a little puzzled, my character goes to another room and when comes back to the first room, he is no where to be found. Anyone had this issue?
  5. A

    Need some Advice: One room with Multiple Room Transition Options. [SOLVED]

    Hello, it's my first time here so I hope I'm posting this all right. I've been going page by page seeing if anyone else was having a similar issue before doing a normal search and found something similar that "could" help me solve my issue, but not quite. Anyway here is my issue. I have a set...
  6. Adam Mansour

    Warp between rooms puts me in Coordinates before transition..

    As I said in the title.. I cant warp to a level because before this happens, the warp instance will set me to the coordinates in the room Im currently in. (intended is that the warp sets me there after I went to the next room) I tried putting the coordinates into the End Step, hoping that this...
  7. Adam Mansour

    Having issues coding level transitions :(

    Hey guys! I just made a video so you can see for yourself. I hope you can help! Thanks in advance!
  8. Tofu Heavy Industries

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] fade-in/out transition object defaulting to 0/0 in view

    I have an object that acts as black fade-in fade-out transition thingie. Whenever I use it, if the room has a view, the view in the room will be snapped back to x0 y0. I don't know why this is happening. But will retain the correct size of the view itself. The calling object is persistent in...
  9. L

    Need help with transition between rooms

    Hi!, excuse the poor english. I dont know if anyone is following friendlycosmonaut tutorial in how to make a farming rpg, my question comes from there: For tje transition between rooms she uses an enumerator for declaring directions, (90 is right, 180 is down, 270 left, 0 up). Then she creates...
  10. N

    Drag And Drop [SOLVED] Switching levels/rooms after last frame of cutscene?

    Hey there! I made an frame by frame intro animation, which is controlled by button pressing. Every time you press any key, the frame changes one step forward. Now I want that after the last frame it changes the room/level to the actual gameplay part. How do I do that? The attached file shows my...
  11. J

    GMS 2 Room transitions randomly stop working

    I have an object that when the player collides with it transports the player to a random new room. However it randomly stop working. Sometimes It will work once and then stop, sometimes it can be 10+ before it eventually stops working and I have no idea why. my rooms are called R1,R2,R3,R4,R5...
  12. J

    GMS 2 Transition to Random Room [SOLVED]

    Hey, I want to make my room transition teleport the player to a random room. So when he steps on the transition object he can end up in multiple different rooms. The code I am trying is /// Initialize target = R(irandom_range(1,5)); xx = 140; yy = 400; where my rooms are called...
  13. ShiningMagikarp

    GMS 2 Zelda-like Room Transitions

    Hey, In the first and many subsequent 2D episodes of the Zelda series, the game view "slides" from one room to another when a door or passage is reached. How would one go about achieving a similar effect in Game Maker, without having all rooms forced into one gigantic room? The idea would be...
  14. M

    problem with my room transition

    Hi! I've been following the 2d platformer tutorial by Shaun Spalding and im currently ont he part of room transitions. i have a problem when I start the game: it says I havent set the variable for if (mode != TRANS_MODE.OFF) in this code: if (mode != TRANS_MODE.OFF) { if (mode ==...
  15. C

    Windows Screen slide transition problems

    I watched the screen slide transition tutorial and I doesn't work. The camera doesn't follow the player and I don't know why.
  16. O

    How to transition to other room (for steam game)

    Am making this game that is going to be posted to steam. When the game start you get score point per second. this is how I made the score count: I created a object called ''Score'': I added a ''Create event'' with executed a code: score = 0; Then I added a ''Step'' event with executed a code...