1. Architheutis

    Keeping .ini-files despite of deinstallation app

    Hi buddies, :p now I am in the final cut-phase of my first big game. My game should be the first chapter of several. The gamer should be able to transfer his "earned" points, lifes and items into the next chapter, that must be installed. In case of a player unistalls the first chapter: Is it...
  2. P

    Assigning data from one object's variable onto another using "with"

    Hi guys, I'm making a space trading and top down simulation game similar along the lines of the Patrician series and somewhere along the code I've run into an issue I'm quite unable to solve by myself. Most of code structure is established by now and all it's left is to assign resource transfer...
  3. Enes

    Android / Amazon Fire Unable to open game on android device

    Hi forum, I am trying to set up gms 2 for android. I have followed all of the steps required in the tutorial but I keep running into this error. Error : Android MIPS ToolChain directory "" does not exist Error PLEASE HELP ME
  4. P

    Question - IDE How can I move a room from one project to another?

    I accidentally deleted a room with a lot of content, then reopened the same project thinking it would fix the issue but I guess it auto saves every time I run the game. I'm hoping to go to an older backed up version of the game and transfer the room from there to the newest version. They're two...
  5. E

    Room transitions

    Hey, i have this problem where I want to transition between rooms. I know how to do it but i want that for exemple, after wave 5 (wave of enemies) that the player will be "teleported" to the next level. if any of you know it, please let me know. thanks.
  6. N

    Transferring Project from Desktop to Web Version

    If I purchase the Desktop version of Game Maker Studio 2 now, and later decide to purchase the Web version, will my projects automatically transfer over? If not, how do I transfer them? Thanks much.
  7. M

    Program transfer

    So I've been working on this game project for quite a while now, and I am getting a new computer. Is there a way to just transwer the project or is the project just going to await me on the gamemaker program I would install on my new computer? Thank you!
  8. M

    Windows Transferred game file to new computer. Game doesn't work properly.

    So i just built a new computer and transferred the folder that holds all of my Game Maker game files to it VIA flash drive. I'm using a fresh hard drive so i had to install Game Maker Studio again. I launched my game file and everything worked fine except when i run my game everything starts up...