1. Xalezar

    Demo Nymble - Puzzle Game

    Play it here: Nymble is a turn-based puzzle game. You play as Jack, who jumps over things to interact with them. Search for the seedling, plant it in the soil, and advance to the next level! Fun facts: I designed and programmed the game myself. I am also a...
  2. alevgor

     Chromatic Fantasy: puzzle game, demo available

    This is a game I've been developing for a while. It's a turn based puzzle in which you must lead cute multicolored dragons out of the dungeon maze. Interactions between the dragons and envinronment objects depend on their color. Here is gameplay trailer There is also promotional web page...
  3. LoadingDevelopment

    Distribution Road to trailer

    Hello everyone, I didn't knew which category to put it in so I've sticked with Distribution. I want to make a rogue-lite dungeon crawling game (The Binding of Isaac). I want to follow a certain development and distribution path and I need your advice and opinion on it. What I want to do is...
  4. A

    Alpha Overclocked Demo

    Super Meat Boy meets Mega Man in Overclocked, a free-flowing action-platformer that mixes combat and fluid movement. Overclocked follows Amber, a glass-cannon vigilante who is fighting to protect her home from an enigmatic computer virus that is causing people to lose control of their bodies and...
  5. C

     Occultus Command

    This is a 2D sci-fi, action, exploration platformer similar to metroidvania titles. At first the game had sprites drawn by me, but after many complained about the inconsistency of the sprites, I took a hiatus and took some 3D animation courses (I fell in love with Blender even though they taught...
  6. gamedev4life

     need feedback for my game trailer

    sup fellow game devs! i just finished my "test" cinematic trailer for my upcoming metroidvania game. this is NOT the actual trailer, but a test one for feedback purposes only. let me know what you all think! thanks!
  7. Jordan Robinson

    Job Offer - General Video Trailer / Advertisement Creator (Position Filled)

    Video Creator / Editor This position is now filled. Situation I am planning to release an asset on the GameMaker: Marketplace on 01/07/16. The asset is a script and small example project including some nice artwork created by Steven Kaule. With this project, I wish to try and increase sales by...