1. maranpis

    GMS 2 (solved) Spine attacking is in track 1 how to code animation end (video)

    Hello guys: As you can see in the video if the enemy changes the state from attacking to chasing the attack animation doesn't finish and is been switched inmediately by the running animation. This happens because the attack animation has two tracks: track 0 (running animation) and track 1...
  2. jujubs

    Legacy GM Track-based tank movement(SOLVED)

    Hello everyone. So, I've been trying to pull this off by myself for a while now, but had no luck. Basically, I want to make a tank in which I control each track individually. I've set up my controls so that W and S roll the left track and Up and Down roll the right one, so if I press just Up or...
  3. H

    Legacy GM Make enemy fire at either player 1 or player 2

    Hello! So I'm currently trying to make this turret fire at either player 1 or player 2 depending on which one it started targeting first. However, I'm having trouble making it work. At the moment, the turret is only firing at player 1, and completely ignores player 2. See this picture; This...
  4. 66Gramms

    Basic surface (HELP)

    Hello Everyone! So, i'm making a 2 player tank game and it's pretty much complete. There are only minor improvements left to be done and this is one of them. I would like to add tracks as my tank going on the map. I know the most efficient way to do it is by surfaces but i never worked with...
  5. 2

    Projectile Aim for Player Each Frame, but Limit Change in Direction for Projectile

    How do you make a projectile change the direction it's moving to aim towards the player each frame, but without it being able to change the direction it's moving more than maybe 4-10 degrees in either direction each frame so it's only so maneuverable?
  6. J

    Best method/software for making arcade styled soundtrack?

    I have made it very far with a game of mine and I want to add a soundtrack of music that sounds something like what you would find in Galaga or Centipede, stuff like that. I googled a few different things but didn't come up with any good results. Any ideas on what software or methods are best...