tower defense

  1. MartinK12

    Tower defense - how to slow down tanks while their turn on smooth paths?

    TowerDefense game, tanks moving on smooth path. Paths go in all directions. I’d like to slow tanks down (reduce their speed) on path when they are turning so it looks better. Unfortunately I don’t have idea how to handle it based on path because path has plenty points to make turning look...
  2. T

    SOLVED How to make a Sprite not cycle through frames but change a frame when something happens

    I am making a tower defense game, and you are protecting a house. I have different frames in the house sprite for different levels of being broken by the enemy. I would like it to stay on the first frame, but if something happens, such as the health going down by 25, it will go to the next...
  3. J

    HTML5 Cellular Tower Defense RTS

    You defend your nucleus against bacterial invasion Play Now: Patreon: More games:
  4. xSynooo93

    GMS 2 Spawn/Wave System Problem

    Hey Everyone! im an absolutly beginner and i have a little Problem :) i have programmed a little Tower Defense Game for getting started when u kill the Enemys the next Wave are in 5 seconds and the Enemys are getting Stronger and Faster ----------------------------------------------------...
  5. FILMon

    Cool Asteroid Defense Game: Need help

    Hi friends, I'm trying to create 1 new object when 3 of the same object instances collide. Is there any simple way of doing this without having to find the instance ID and writing complex code? Thanks in advance for any help friends :)
  6. Justin gibbard

     Tri Tower Tactics - Tower Defense Mixed With Auto Chess Mechanics

    Hey everyone, im getting very close to my 1.0 build and I'm seeking people to test overhaul my game. Any bugs, Balance or cool things you enjoy I want all the data. tldr: tower defense with auto chess mechanics such as unit rarity and unique tag identifiers, live system for waves instead of...
  7. H

    Job Offer - Artist [PAID] 2D Pixel Artist with Strong Machine and Landscape Animation Skills Needed

    Hello my fellow indie devs and artists! Myself and 2 other devs are working on an exciting 2d-top-down-tower-defense game we call, "Equal". Now, we are looking for a pixel artist with strong machine animation skills to begin drawing the units that will comprise the end-user's battlefield. We...
  8. J

    [Solved] Tower Targeting Mode

    So I've been making a TD and I've been looking at targeting systems. Atm I've been play testing with it shooting at the nearest enemy but I'd like to improve that. I found a comment that seemed very helpful but I've never used ds lists or anything like that so I am really at a loss how to...
  9. J

    [solved] distance_to_object not working

    Title is not 100% accurate but I'm not sure what to call my problem. The distance_to_object is working but it's not working for what I want it to do. I'm trying to create a basic tower defense but I'm having some problems with the distance_to_object function. It seems to have boundaries in a...
  10. A

    Tower Defense

    Im making a Tower Defense game, and I have everything setup, but i wanted to know how to delete a tower, so i click on the tower i want, and then place it, i need to make it so i can click it again after its been placed and place it into a garbage can type thing and have it get destroyed
  11. Seabass (The Human)

    Released Duke of Defense [Unique Tower Defense]

    Store Page Discover a world brimming with humor, interesting characters, and adventure. Interact with overly observant villagers and egotistical wizards. You'll find yourself in a role more significant than a knight could ever dream of! Any true hero can call upon trusty companions in...
  12. mikix

     Warhead - Survival RPG

    What is Warhead? Warhead is a survival top-down rpg in a fantasy setting about an exile -- promised a fortune, in return that he loses his memories and become a servant of Ignis the Shaper. Ignis puts an overmind skull on the player, so that he can watch every move he makes, while the player...
  13. F

    Tower Defense Tower Upgrades

    So I am making a tower defense game and I would like to have the towers be upgradeable the only real problem is I don't really remember/know how to make the upgrade button instances know which tower created them. I think it has something to do with making the instance create a local variable but...
  14. isaacyoshimario

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] How to make "groups?"

    So i'm making a tower defense game, and i got stuck. I'm making the tower, and i don't want to make a variable for every single enemy to check if that enemy's near. Instead of putting in a variable for every single enemy, could i just do something like: var en =...
  15. isaacyoshimario

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Timelines aren't working for me at all.

    So i'm trying to program a tower defense game, and i'm using timelines for waves. I set the timeline settings correctly, and everything seems right, but my timeline won't do anything, i can't even create the enemy with any action. Maybe it's my computer, or something weird is going on, but i...
  16. U

    How can I avoid the overlap in my tower defense?

    I need help with this. By now, what i use to avoid overlap with dirt is this: In dirt: Event Mouse Left Pressed: blocked = true; Event Mouse Left Released: blocked = false; In towers: Event Mouse Left Pressed: if( >= 10){ if(placing == true && blocked = false){ placing =...
  17. M

    Asset - Extension TDS Deluxe

    Hi. I'm back again and have finally fixed the mouse clicks feature in TDS Deluxe Extension. Here is a link to a HTML5 build for you to test it out: Press Q to build on the platform. Left mouse click to move (easily change the mouse bind on...
  18. O.Stogden

    Windows The Tower Defense Factory [FREE RELEASE]

    Hello everyone, This is the first time I've properly released a game, it came out a couple of years ago, and has had some revisions since then, I've decided to show it on here to hopefully get some feedback on it while I work on my second game. Title: The Tower Defense Factory Platform...
  19. L

    GMS 2 End Of Path Problem

    if o_enemy path_end(room_goto_previous()); That is what I put in in my enemy step event yet it won't switch to the title screen when he reaches the end of the path. Can someone please help?
  20. L

    Tower Defense End of Path Problem

    I'm making a tower defense game. But I have a problem. When my enemy get to the end of the path I want to know how to switch the room to a death or title screen. I tried doing if(o_enemy end_path(room_goto_previous)) but it gave me errors. If someone could reply to this with the code for game...