1. G

    HTML5 Tap on touchpad not working

    Hi I have an issue with mouse input. When I tap on my touchpad neither mouse_check_button_pressed or mouse_check_button_released registers that I've tapped when using html export. This is odd, since tap to click works in all other programs. When exporting for Windows mouse_check_button_released...
  2. X

    Android How to draw a symbol with a function

    Can someone tell me how I can make an object appear, by for example drawing a circle on an android touchscreen? The issue is how do I make GMS2 understand that I am drawing this circle on the touchscreen and how to make this pattern in the first place. Hope this is easy to understand what I'm...


    A turn based card game! The moves are round Based. Find two identical cards. Whoever has the most pairs of cards found, he has won the game. With tree different Art Assets. For 1- 2 Player versus at one divice. With AI Opponent. Available for free. Download at: GAMEJOLT...
  4. leveller

    Question - IDE Surface Pro 4 & zooming within workspace

    The Surface Pro 3 & 4 have been excellent for me to use for GMS. Firstly a great laptop while out and about, secondly a good tablet and pen for designing/art. GMS 2 is really working out well for me and I'm enjoying learning the new UI. I do not know if this behaviour is common amongst laptops...