1. 2

    Can Studio 1 or 2 detect Wacom Tablet as Touch Function or Event

    Do touch events or functions in GM Studio 1 or 2 work only with touch screens? Can they work with Wacom Tablets? I don't a have touch screen, but I do have a Wacom tablet, and it does allow hand gesture type stuff. Will it register as a touch screen does? Any difference between GM Studio 1 and...
  2. T

    HTML5 How to test HTML5 on mobile

    Hey, everyone! I am super new to GMS 2 and GMS in general and was wondering if and how I would be able to test HTML5 games on mobile. Thanks in advance!
  3. Coded Games

    HTML5 Touch input does not work on iOS 10.3 beta.

    Since iOS 10.3 beta 1 was released every GameMaker HTML5 game I have tested no longer can get touch input, making them all unplayable. Now that we have gone through 7 betas, all with this bug, it's time to start figuring out what is going wrong. I am using the latest version of GameMaker...
  4. yvodlyn

    Touch for two player[solved]

    Hello everyone How can I create a touch screen where two player can play? The problem is for the second player, I don't know how to configure the second touch screen. It is a PONG game for mobile. thxt!!!!
  5. Z

    Legacy GM Tutorial: Swipe controls for Mouse and Touch

    GMS: (Might work in GMS2) Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux (With Mouse), Android, iOS, Windows Phone (With Touch) Links that helped me make the system I use. I am sure there are maybe better methods but this works for me :) These links really helped me in making my Swipe Controls...
  6. L

    Windows Touchscreen won't register single touch pressed, only double tap and release

    Hello, I am trying to get my program to detect on a windows touchscreen PC single touch mouse_check_button_pressed(mb_left) or device_mouse_check_button_pressed(0, mb_left) but it will only detect double taps. device_mouse_dbclick_enable() is disabled. Checking for release works, but I need it...
  7. A

    Android [SOLVED] Touchscreen: Two players touching same screen simultaneously?

    Hello! For an Android game, I'm looking for a solution in which two players can simultaneously touch and drag objects on the same screen with one device. I did some research and I saw that many "simultaneous" two-player one-device games really work with alternating touch. I want two players to...
  8. A

    Android [SOLVED] Touchscreen: Grabbing/Moving/Letting-Go Objects On-Screen by Touch

    Hello! I'm making a game for Android. I want the player to be able to touch and drag objects around the screen without having to simulate a mouse click by tapping the screen. Is there a function for detecting whether or not the player is touching the screen? If not, is there I way I can allow...
  9. L

    Legacy GM We need better touch controls for Top Down

    Hello, im making this post because i think we need better controls for touch down games, specifically top down games. I am working on a game, and am avoiding joystick controls because they are horrible for aiming in top down shooters. I want my player to rotate towards (gradually look...
  10. X

    player movement problem

    Hi Guys, I made a top down shooter for an android game and my player follow the mouse / finger. My problem is everytime i want to click the missile button the plane will also move from its current position towards the button. This is how i code my player. Step Event: execute code...
  11. J

    Problem making touch pads

    //STEP EVENT x = view_xview + 50; y = view_yview + 260; */ positionFireX = view_xview + 430; positionFireY = view_yview + 260; positionMoveX = view_xview + 50; positionMoveY = view_yview + 260; mx0 = device_mouse_x(0); my0 = device_mouse_y(0); mx1 = device_mouse_x(1); my1 =...
  12. Ayziak

    Legacy GM Question regarding touchscreens & multi-touch

    So I'm currently working on adding touch control arrows to my game. My game would require split touch control (e.g. D-pad on the left, joystick on the right.) I'm wondering what is the best way to go around doing this, so my game could essentially recognize multiple clicks in multiple places at...
  13. A

    Android Thumb Soccer: THE BEST GAME EVER (Android)

    THUMB SOCCER One finger arcade soccer action! Download on Google Store Play 1v1 against the CPU, play an endless mode, or play with your friends in two-player mode.Play to earn coins and unlock all the characters! -GAMEPLAY- Use your thumb to move the character, and tap with the other to...
  14. T

    Android Creating virtual buttons for non-platformer game.

    Hi there! After a long break from GameMaker I'm finally getting back into it. I used to make a lot of simple platformer games based on story rather than complex gameplay. (Mainly because I am not at all a programmer) Because of the simplicity of the engine and my (very) basic knowledge of the...
  15. A

    Asset - Extension IOS 3D Touch Extension

    IOS 3D Touch Extension Marketplace: Category: Extensions (IOS) Price: $2.99 3̶.̶9̶9̶ Modules: IOS Demo: please message me your email ID & UDID of the 3D Touch supported IOS device for a demo Support...
  16. icuurd12b42

    Asset - Project TMC Touch

    TMC Touch Outputs: All Type: Extension (scripts) Included: Scripts, Demo Sprites, Demo Objects and Demo Room Demo: https://onedrive.liv...45D1EA9168D!723 Marketplace: https://marketplace....s/398/tmc-touch Description: TMC Touch is a shape and gesture recognition engine for Single...