1. samspade

    GMS 2.3+ Multitouch Made Easy

    GM Version: 2.3.1 (some of it will work in earlier versions of GMS) Target Platform: Those which support multiple touches Download: Github Rebo Links: YouTube Series Summary: A short series on working with multitouch in GameMaker Studio 2.3.1. The first few videos will work for any version of...
  2. shihabstudio

    iOS (SOLVED)only on ios, there should be approximately 0.28 sec delay between touches or touch wont be recognized

    This bug i have encountered only on ios same code works normally on android , there should be approximately 0.28 sec delay between device_mouse_check_button_pressed(0,mb_left) touches or touch wont be recognized "note : same problem occurs in each other devices individually ". -THE CODE: I...
  3. sefi331

    Android Multiple touch on mobile

    Hi , I have a problem with multiple touch on mobile - the problem is to go back to device(0) after (1) is pressed or checked. My code: if (device_mouse_check_button_pressed(0,mb_left) or device_mouse_check_button(0,mb_left)) {...
  4. GGJuanPabon

    GML Mobile multitouch problem (Videogame Android)

    I have the multitouch problem (Videogame Android). There are only 3 buttons, Right, Left and jump. But if I touch right left I can't jump, and if I jump I can't walk, . Did you have a reference video? I searched but did not find a video. I have the following texts as a reference, but I have...
  5. O

    Mouse clicks are not working with laptop touchscreen with HTML5 and Firefox/Chrome.

    I have an application that uses a lot of Mouse->LeftPressed events and it is exported to HTML5. When I run it on a Windows 10 Laptop with Edge it works fine. But Chrome and Firefox won't register the events. However, MouseEnter events seem to register when I touch the screen. I have to use a...
  6. samspade

    Asset - Extension Simple Multitouch

    Available for GMS 2 Description An extension to make working with multiple touches easy! While the built-in Gesture Events are suitable for many purposes, this extension fills in the gaps or simply gives you greater control. Import the extension and gain access to all the functions. Heavily...
  7. Meester Dennis

    HTML5 Touchscreen error

    Hi everyone, I have a question about HTML5 games/applications. I create educational tools to show in classes on digital boards, where most of these boards have a touchscreen. In the last updates of GMS2, I found out that the mouse click events are not recognized by the digital boards. A...
  8. FloresSottile

    Touch register in HTML5 for mobile devices (not running locally)

    I know it would be much better to not make games for HTML5, but in this case the game I've made needs to be on HTML5 as it will be used for research and the experiments need to be done easily by kids. Anyways, the problem I have with the game is that the touch register event...
  9. KyleRansford

    GMS 2 Move Player Towards Mouse/Touch x, y

    Hello, I'm making a mobile game where it's played in portrait mode and the screen is auto scrolling upward with the o_player moving in a top down style movement and while I have some input methods already done, I'm trying to make an input method where when the player "touches" a part of the...
  10. KyleRansford

    GMS 2 How to Move Object Using Virtual Joystick

    Hello, I have a D-Pad style Object I made to move the Player Object around in top down style movement, but I noticed that it's not really efficient, seeing it's made of 4 objects with collision masks overlapping each other and causing some odd movement. How could I make it where I can move the...
  11. A

    GMS 2 Windows Multi Touch Extension

    Platform: Windows Immediately apologize for my english. Create an extension that allows you to work with sensors that are connected via usb. Tested on Windows 7 and Windows 10. I did it for my project, but maybe someone will need it. [Made for GameMaker Studio 2] This extension is for...
  12. C

    Android When I use multiple viewport, It cause touch area issue

    I use gamemaker studio 2. I have an issue about android device. The my room size is set at a ratio of 576: 1024 (9:16). When I set up Android graphics with 'keep aspect ratio', the cell phone like Galaxy s8 will have black letterbox on top and bottom. Because they have a ratio 9: 18+. At this...
  13. M

    multi touch for phones GMS2 DND help!!

    hello GMS devs, i want to know how to add multi touch for phone screens because i have multi buttons may be used at the same time i'm using drag and drop as u see in the picture bellow i don't know what to do !
  14. D

    Android [SOLVED] Response to touch haves delay

    Hi guys, I've been having this problem for a while now. The thing is that for example when I touch my screen to press a button that adds +1 to a counter It works fine but I have to wait like 0'5 secs to press It again. I mean that if I double click It doesn't detect the second click and that...
  15. J

    iOS Touch Sprite Area?

    Is it possible to enable a touch event on a sprite, but only if touched with a specific area within the sprite itself? I don't want the event to fire if the player touches the sprite outside the allowed touch area.
  16. O

    Circle Rotation With Touch

    Hi, i am working on this game where i have a circle and i rotate the circle with finger touch. The problem i am having is that every time i begin to touch the screen, my circle jumps to that angle. I want that wherever i touch, the circle should rotate keeping its angle relative to the touch...
  17. Y

    Legacy GM device_mouse_x_to_gui for all devices

    its extremely annoying to have to type out device_mouse_x_to_gui(0) 5 times is there a way I can do this and have it onces for all the buttons
  18. jtmx

    GML Touch screen drag (multiple) objects.

    Hello I am trying to create a menu for a touch screen device where the player drags the menu form left to right and it moves multiple objects (menu buttons) accordingly. This is my code for each button: obj_menu_button CREATE global.drag_col_select = false; mouse_xx = 0; mouse_yy = 0...
  19. TheOnlyWRT

    Multi Touch on iOS

    Hey, so ive got a few more questions about iOS programming; How do i read multiple touches? ive read up about device_mouse_check and i have drawn the variables to see that it does in fact read multiple touches. in my project i have a vstick on the left of the screen, and three buttons on the...
  20. TheOnlyWRT

    iOS Reading touches on iOS

    So i just got game maker studio 2 working on my iphone and now i am trying to add in touch screen input. I read a little about virtual keys in the manual, and this is the code i have used: keyShoot = virtual_key_add((window_get_width()-160), (window_get_fullscreen()-160), 160, 160, vk_space)...