touch controls

  1. biggins

    Register Mouse Click / Position Events outside Canvas in HTML5

    I have an HTML5 game that only has left and right controls which translate to a tap on the left and tap on the right in mobile browsers. This all works great but requires the user to tap within the game canvas. Seeing as the game isn't full screen by design is there a way to have the tap events...
  2. S

    Android how i can set touch pad in project ?

    hi . i want set touch pad for my project but i dont know how i should to do...i want make game for android devices please help me . thanks ! please if u can help me with video or images im not good in english text version game maker studio 2
  3. TheOnlyWRT

    Multi Touch on iOS

    Hey, so ive got a few more questions about iOS programming; How do i read multiple touches? ive read up about device_mouse_check and i have drawn the variables to see that it does in fact read multiple touches. in my project i have a vstick on the left of the screen, and three buttons on the...
  4. TheOnlyWRT

    Reading the Values of a Virtual Joystick

    Hey guys!! So I am working on an iOS app and am trying to program in a virtual joystick. I watched one tutorial video to make a joystick object, but it seems that the code is not quite working. When i drag around the inner circle, the value does not change (i drew it to make sure). Here is the...
  5. TheOnlyWRT

    iOS Reading touches on iOS

    So i just got game maker studio 2 working on my iphone and now i am trying to add in touch screen input. I read a little about virtual keys in the manual, and this is the code i have used: keyShoot = virtual_key_add((window_get_width()-160), (window_get_fullscreen()-160), 160, 160, vk_space)...
  6. G

    Legacy GM Doubts about TouchScreen, positions and respawn

    How are you guys. Firstly, thank you in advance, those who will make available some of your time and knowledge to help me. I'm new to all GameMaker technology. Bad I know the basics of programming for the games, but I'm trying to learn. For this reason, I need your help. I would like you to...
  7. yvodlyn

    Android [Solved] Touch control

    Hello everyone again, I'm sorry for my questions. I created touch control with mouse input in game maker. when a test the game on my android phone, and when my first finger touch the screen, I can control the player one and when I touch the screen with the second finger, I can control the other...
  8. L

    Windows Touchscreen won't register single touch pressed, only double tap and release

    Hello, I am trying to get my program to detect on a windows touchscreen PC single touch mouse_check_button_pressed(mb_left) or device_mouse_check_button_pressed(0, mb_left) but it will only detect double taps. device_mouse_dbclick_enable() is disabled. Checking for release works, but I need it...
  9. M

    Touching the object to make another one move

    Hi! I have an object that must be clicked with a touch so that the main object of the game can move, however I am having trouble doing this. Does anyone know the solution?
  10. A

    Android [SOLVED] Touchscreen: Two players touching same screen simultaneously?

    Hello! For an Android game, I'm looking for a solution in which two players can simultaneously touch and drag objects on the same screen with one device. I did some research and I saw that many "simultaneous" two-player one-device games really work with alternating touch. I want two players to...
  11. A

    Android [SOLVED] Touchscreen: Grabbing/Moving/Letting-Go Objects On-Screen by Touch

    Hello! I'm making a game for Android. I want the player to be able to touch and drag objects around the screen without having to simulate a mouse click by tapping the screen. Is there a function for detecting whether or not the player is touching the screen? If not, is there I way I can allow...
  12. L

    Android Drag rotate sprite

    (This is for a top down shooter with touch controls) How could i program my player to rotate as the player drags on the screen? for example if i drag from point A to point B (and its a 220 degree line) how to get the player to rotate itself toward the direction of my drag line? I presume it...