touch buttons

  1. wilmer

    GMS 2.3+ GUI button appears in another position within the room

    Greetings, the problem is that I have a room that measures 1700 x 1000 and the view measures 1280 x 720, I use objects to use them as buttons and in the room editor I place them in a corner, so those buttons should appear there but That is not the case, they appear below where you place them...
  2. Misael644

    How can I create touch controls?

    Hello! I would like to know how I can make touch controls for my game. Basically, I wanted to port a game to Android, it's a spaceship game, and I wanted to use buttons on the screen to control the ship, the problem is that I don't know exactly how I can do the touch controls, because I I don't...
  3. wilmer

    Legacy GM Undo and redo the points of a path

    Greetings to all I have this doubt, in a Room I have several instances of objects that function as levels that when clicking click access to a different level and under those objects I have an open path with 46 points as if it were a path, as well as "Candy Crush", This is only for something...
  4. FloresSottile

    HTML5 Multitouch running a step twice?

    Hi, i'm working on a game for HTML5. I know it's just not the best platform to put a game on, but it's just how I was asked to do it. I've made some buttons to move: left and right which are triggered by the user's left finger and shooting which is triggered by touching the right side of the...
  5. wilmer

    Legacy GM Give a different function to each instance by clicking

    Greetings to all, how do I do this? I have a game with touch buttons, and in my pause menu, after clicking on a "Pause button" I create 4 instances of another object for the functions of (Continue, restart room, options, start menu), and when returning Pressing that pause button causes those...
  6. M

    GMS 2 Move object with the touch input.

    Hi, i want to make object move right by pressing button with the touch input. For example if i want to make it with the keyboard, i simply choose the key down event and write something like player += spd; But i did not find the key down analogue for the touch inputs. Tap or dragging simply don't...
  7. wilmer

    Legacy GM Rotate bone relative to the angle of the click on the touch button (Spine 2D)

    Greetings to all: Is this possible and can you pass me the code?, my character is animated in Spine and he shoots arrows when he releases a touch button, what I want is to see if I can use that button and not the same touch screen as in other games, for example if I have it pressed and my finger...
  8. S

    Android Touch Controls

    Hi , How i can add Touch Controls for this project And i want add as object buttons and add shoot button [ touch ]
  9. K

    Android [SOLVED]Touch Screen

    I made an android game and want to try ıt . I try ıt on many phones some of them works fine . But others doesnt make sense to me cause of the changes of the locations. They are not the way written down ın the code . They are on another locations on the screen . It seems to me something wrong...
  10. Velocity

    Pause Screen Touch Buttons

    Hey, So, I'm working on a touch screen game. And I'm trying to make a pause menu - with touch buttons that do things, such as see a moves-menu, resume game, and exit to main menu. Any ideas how I would DO this? Cheers.