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  1. S

    How do you make the map rotate instead of the player?

    Goooooood afternoon! I'm here trying to make a topdown shooter where rather than the character rotating in endless circles, he stays facing up and the ground beneath him rotates, using 8 directions with his movements. I've been looking all over the place for a good couple hours, any suggestions?
  2. DukeSoft

    GMS 2 Simple, pretty performant >TOP DOWN RAIN<

    GM Version: Studio Target Platform: Windows Download: see code below Links: N/A Hey everyone, I saw Cameron Penner 's top down rain video here; And decided to add some improvements regarding speed (and added a wind variable). Here goes; obj_rain create rainlist = ds_list_create()...
  3. Adrien Dittrick

     The Executive Game

    The Executive Game is about making elaborate plans to execute various crimes like robbery, kidnapping and assassination. Each mission has a certain amount of random generation, but after that everything becomes deterministic: If the player informs himself sufficiently, he can prepare for any of...
  4. J

    Dungeon Dwellers (very early build)

    Dungeon Dwellers is a game that i have been consistantly interested in creating for years... over 8 years. Ever since i started using gamemaker 7.0 i wanted to make a game like this. I feel i have the necessary skills in the program and knowledge of programming to create such a game. The game...
  5. G

    Asset - Graphics Tank Mega Pack

    Built this over the last few days. You can find it on the marketplace here - https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/5234/tank-mega-pack On Monday, when they up the asset store upload limit, I'll be updating this with uncompressed sprites. I look forward to hearing what you think!
  6. T

     Untitled Bullethell Game

    Untitled Bullethell Game Hey everyone! I am developing a bullethell game for school. The project is still in a very early stage of development. Please try it out and give me some feedback, I would appreciate it :) Download the demo here...
  7. BeardyElf

    Cosmic Shooter(working title)

    Cosmic Shooter is a topdown single player/coop shooter early in development. You control a soldier doing missions and tasks to the galactic emperor. Player 1 controls are keyboard and mouse and player 2 must use gamepad. In future updates you can choose between keyboard and gamepad. Lot of...
  8. D

    Legacy GM [SOLVED ]Sprites Stop Animating Need Help

    I'm using a sprite for north, south, and the same sprite for east and west, just flipping the xscale. The animation for the south sprite works fine. When I try to go in a different direction, the object goes to the correct sprite, but it doesnt animate anymore. So it goes to the proper sprite...
  9. A

    Restrictions on content??

    Is it ok to make a game <REMOVED> and if it could then how far do i have to lower down the content to? Its supposed to be a funny game with adult theam.
  10. C

    Android Sundered Arvena

    I could explain it but it is much better to just post it and see what the thoughts are. Here is the beta for my newest crazy hard game: Sundered Arvena Yes I know about the save and load crash issues, use those save points with care... looking into it and would appreciate any help or comments...
  11. C

    Slopes in top down game

    I'm working on a game with a top down view (like an rpg). The player can move anywhere on the map. The collisions for simple squares was not a problem. However making it for slopes has turned out to be a challenge. The code I'm currently using is this one: ///scr_player_colisions...
  12. D

    Team Request 2D Animator needed for a topdown zombie shooter game

    A 2D animator is needed for my game that I'm making. The game is about a lonely survivor that just woke up in the hospital and tries to understand what has happened and so on and so on. You will be animating top down persons, zombies, items, environment indoors & outdoors. The game does not...
  13. S

    Top down game building cutaway

    I'm making a top down stealth game where a player can go in and out of buildings on the map. Because i want the player to be able to both walk on the roofs of buildings and go inside buildings my current design involved the player entering the building and then being teleported to another part...
  14. M

    Legacy GM Zelda-like sliding off a diagonal Wall OR Layers again.

    Hey there, I am working on a top-down Adventure Game, just like Zelda, and right now i am using the built in physics system. Now i'd like to change it to non-physics and still have the same collision behavior like the physics system, because i have some problems with the physics system (maybe...
  15. I

     Some Kind of Robot AI Arena Battle game. Would love to get some Feedback ^-^.

    Hello, Guys! So as the title says, I'm working on some kind of Robot-AI-Battle-Arena Thingy right now. Now, my plan it is to make a game out of this. I have an Idea, please tell me what you think about it. Ideas, hints, and improvements are really appreciated :) Thanks for reading! Hope you...
  16. K

    Team Request Pixel Artist 2D RPG request

    Hello, I'm a game-development student, I'm currently working on my own "Pokemon view" RPG. Because I'm not very good with art I'm looking for a Pixel artist. It's going to be an open-world CO-OP Role playing game, where the two main character venture through the land slaying monsters, gaining...