1. kureoni

    SOLVED does anyone knows how to make a functional topdown 2d movement script?????

    var move_left = keyboard_check(ord( "A")); var move_right = keyboard_check(ord("D")); var move_down = keyboard_check(ord("S")); var move_up = keyboard_check(ord("W")); if (move_left && place_free(x-spd,y)){ x-=spd; } if (move_right && place_free(x+spd,y)){ x+=spd; } if...
  2. kureoni

    SOLVED sprite_index in x and y axis change

    thats the code //for y axis if(y > mouse_y){ sprite_index = spr_player_back } if(y < mouse_y){ sprite_index = spr_player_front } if(y != yprevious && y > mouse_y){ sprite_index = spr_player_walkback } if(y != yprevious && y < mouse_y){ sprite_index = spr_player_walkfront } if(y < mouse_y...
  3. kureoni

    walking animations mouse directioned topdown

    im not being able to use the sprite_index to change the sprite animation based on the position of the cursor on the y axis (when the mouse is above the character, we should be able to see him by his back, and when the mouse is under the character, it should be the other way around) any ideas?
  4. kureoni

    animations while moving

    i already did all the animations for the player for a topdown game, how can i make gmstudio run the walking animation when the obj_player is moving, and run a different animation when he is stopped??
  5. D

    Top down racing game: track tiles and offroad areas

    Hi all, I'm working on a topdown racing game, my idea is to draw different terrains surfaces and tracks using tile layers. one tile layer for terrain (grass, dirt, sand ecc...), one tile layer for the track (straight, curve ecc...) and one instance layer for objects (houses, fences ecc...)...
  6. S

    Top Down Cover Finding( warning computationally expensive)

    GM Version:1.4.1763 Target Platform: Any Download: <N/A> Links: a quick example(mouse to add delete a to toggle extra draw) Summary: Lets be fair top down shooters don't get a lot of love, so if you've ever wanted your enemies to find cover...
  7. JasonTomLee

    Free GMTK Jam 2019- One Card Carnage Hey GMS community! A team of awesome friends & I jammed this game out for Gamemaker-Toolkit Jam 2019. The theme was: Only one It's a topdown-survival card game with movement like Crypt the NecroDancer. Hope you enjoy & please spread the word if you...
  8. Alexir

    GML Top-down game wall collision

    I'm creating a top down shooter, and I want walls that keep the player from going out of bounds. I've got some code set up that works pretty fine: (Keep in mind, my player character is named Eddy) //up and left if(place_meeting(x+eddyspeed,y,obj_wall)) { obj_Eddy.x = obj_Eddy.x - 5 }...
  9. KyleRansford

    GMS 2 How to Move Object Using Virtual Joystick

    Hello, I have a D-Pad style Object I made to move the Player Object around in top down style movement, but I noticed that it's not really efficient, seeing it's made of 4 objects with collision masks overlapping each other and causing some odd movement. How could I make it where I can move the...
  10. AnthonyPismarov

    Job Offer - Programmer [Paid]Need Programmer for multiplayer Zelda-like battle game

    I am an artist and game designer looking to hire a programmer. A quick overview of what I'm looking for: - Complex movement systems that incorporate momentum, acceleration, knockback, tile interaction, depth, etc. (like Pixelated Pope's Movement and Collision system) - Character state systems...
  11. CrackedGamer§

    Game Mechanics Any ideas for a balancing system for enemies?

    So I need a multiplier for hp & damage dealt by enemies so that the game will always be a challenge. At the moment I feel like I want it to be skill based, so maybe "DmgDealt / DmgTaken"? I could use the levels of the player's weapons (swordlvl & knifelvl)? I ain't very good at balancing...
  12. CrackedGamer§

    GMS 2 Enemy Idle... again

    I need help with the enemy Idle script... again I got help last time but I am too new to GML to know how to implement that. I have gotten almost nowhere, randomize() //In what direction are they going to move direction = random(360); //For how long they are going to move alarm[11] =...
  13. CrackedGamer§

    GMS 2 Enemy wandering script.

    I want the enemies in my game to wander around when state == "idle"But I don't want them to wander through solid objects, what would the best approach be to this? This is in a top-down environment!
  14. X

    Alpha Asterya - Open World Top-Down Space Shooter

    As it stands, the game is in early access alpha on I apologize in advance, but as I have it posted on an actual platform, I'm going to have to link it as an installer as a zip/stand-alone exe would seem unprofessional in my eyes. I will be adding more screenshots in the coming days as I...
  15. R

    Don't teleport into objects!

    Hey! I'm making a Top Down Shooter where you can teleport towards the mouse, the player just jumps to the postion of obj_cursor. If I click on obj_wall the player teleports into it and gets stuck. Is there a way how to not teleport into it? Like if you click on it it teleports beside the wall...
  16. Adrien Dittrick

    HTML5 Countdown Royale

    Gamejolt link: itchio link: gm48 link: The coronation ceremony is approaching! Anyone can take part, but only the best will win! The...
  17. Darktoz

    Game Mechanics TopDown Shooter / Visual Novel

    Hi there, I'm new here and I don't know where to post this request, so I thought I just do it here. So far, the only gamemaking knowledge I have is with RPG Maker MV, Tyranobuilder and a bit of Ren'Py. In other words, I'm a complete newbie. I have an idea for a game, a mixture between Topdown...
  18. E

     EarthGun - A Pvp Battle Royale Game

    Howdy yall, I been working on this game for the past two weeks and things are still pretty rough but progress is still going. To sum up the game as fast as possible it's going to be a open world pvp game inspired by Fortnite and such where you will get weapons like guns, swords, lasers, and...
  19. S

    How do you make the map rotate instead of the player?

    Goooooood afternoon! I'm here trying to make a topdown shooter where rather than the character rotating in endless circles, he stays facing up and the ground beneath him rotates, using 8 directions with his movements. I've been looking all over the place for a good couple hours, any suggestions?
  20. DukeSoft

    GMS 2 Simple, pretty performant >TOP DOWN RAIN<

    GM Version: Studio Target Platform: Windows Download: see code below Links: N/A Hey everyone, I saw Cameron Penner 's top down rain video here; And decided to add some improvements regarding speed (and added a wind variable). Here goes; obj_rain create rainlist = ds_list_create()...