1. FoxyOfJungle

    SOLVED Click on the TOP depth instance of a layer??

    Hello! I want to click on the instance that is on top of the others, but make the loop only on a specific layer. The function I have works the way it should: The above function is an adaptation of this video. However, if I check objects from another layer, this happens: (The left...
  2. S

    Windows Online scoreboard

    Does anyone know of an online scoreboard system that supports multiple scoreboards for different levels for the one game? I have also been looking for one that also enables importing scores back into game maker.
  3. S

    Top Down Car Collision help!

    Hi there! i just joined the forum cause ive been wrecking my head over this. So i'm making a top down Car Combat game similar to Twisted Metal on PS1 or the battle mode of Super Mario Kart. I made a 2D top down lil engine that so far only has rotation and drifitng i learned here in the forums...
  4. G

     TETRA (working title) - top-down action-adventure work in progress [DEMO]

    Hi, everyone! My name is Giannis, and I'm an artist, lately getting into game making as a hobby. Just wanted to share the game I've been working on as I try to learn how these things are made. I'm calling it TETRA for the time being, and it's an action-adventure game, with obvious inspiration...
  5. Shadowblitz16

    GMS 2 finding top most object in click without controller?

    can someone explain how to find the topmost instance of itself in a click? I have a hit_z and hit_depth variable that I want to be able to use to detect the top most instances clicked so for example I might have 3 objects with the following variables.. -inst1: hit_z = 0, hit_depth = 1; -inst2...
  6. J

     (W.I.P) Day 7- A Co-op Top Down Zombie Survival Shooter!

    Hi! My name is Josh! I have been in game development for roughly 3 years now. The Game: The game I am creating is called Day 7. The game is singleplayer, or Co-op. You alone, or you and a friend, survive through numerous waves of Zombies. You have 3 guns to choose from, a Pistol, a Rifle, and a...
  7. NathanAuckett

    Windows [SOLVED]Faint lines at the tops of backgrounds

    Hi all! In our game we have parallaxing backgrounds made up of a number of background layers. Recently we ave come to notice that some of these backgrounds, only some, have faint lines going across the top edges. This is not ideal and we want to try and fix this. Here is an image showing what...
  8. S

    Top down shooter

    Hello everyone, When I enter in my game it does not allow enemies to hit me when im still. They just circle around me. If anyone knows whats going on please put a comment down below! thanks all! //enemy //event collision with obj_player other.hp -= 1...