top down

  1. J

    Android / Amazon Fire Project Revenge (Android)

    Project Revenge Google Play Download Link While in self quarantine, i decided to open my GMS 1.4 after 3 years of break and it really felt good to play around with game making again. So good that i decided to update to GMS2 and after while even purchased mobile module. I had plenty of...
  2. G

    GMS 2 Need help with a collision glitch!

    Hey friends! Disclaimer - I'm fairly new to GML. I've been trying to get platforming to work in a 2D, top-down game. I've looked at a few tutorials from a few different YouTube sources, but primarily this one by Backspace Cadet: It works some of the time, but if you look at the images, you'll...
  3. T

    HTML5 GeoTurret - A top-down space arcade game

    Hi, I am new to GMS2 so this will be my first post and my first game with this great GameMaker engine. I want to present you my current work-in-progress game "GeoTurret", a top-down space arcade game. Main directive of this game is to survive as long as possible by shooting all the geometric...
  4. JPDamstra

    GMS 2 GameMaker Studio 2 - Make a Warplane Game

    GM Version: GameMaker Studio 2 Target Platform: ALL Download: Part 1 Project Files Part 2 Project Files Part 3 Project Files Part 4 Project Files Part 5 Project Files Part 6 Project Files Part 7 Project FIles Summary: One of my prototypes of yesteryear looked into top-down warplane mechanics...
  5. Distronaut

    Free Total Anarchy - 2020 Update

    Inspiration: Grand Theft Auto 2 meets Hotline Miami Genre: Action Adventure Version: 0.9 (2020.1) - essentially completed, but more content on the way Price: Free to play. No ads, no micro-transactions, no shareware - just play and have fun! Platforms: Windows Only Made using: Game Maker Studio...
  6. W

    SOLVED Creating a collision system with a Virtual Joystick

    Hi! I've just recently started out with GameMaker and was wondering about collisions... There are many tutorials on typical x and y collisions, but I am looking to implement these with a virtual joystick, and I cannot seem to find any help online. It would also be nice to have smooth collisions...
  7. Bulldrome

    Top Down Sidestep

    Hello Everyone, I'm currently working on a top down spaceship arena game whos basic gameplay plays like Asteroids except each ship has specific moves. I'd like one of the ships to have a quick sidestep in order to dodge to the left of the right without having to turn the ship. I've been...
  8. Y

    Windows 3 week game

    Kalvgv's Crawl the itch page has more details. Sort of brainstorming story still, only 2 days in the project. Could use feedback on what is there so far. Please be constructive. I don't need to here how bad it is lol Idea is you're a Ginseng collecting Demonic Relics so that Demon Overlords...
  9. W

    Hp bar won't come back

    Hello everyone, real quick before anything else: i'm sorry for my bad grammar. in my game (in gamemaker 8 lite) i have an object wich can be broken by left pressing on it. i have an healthbar wich will be shown when the object is hit. after 4 seconds the healthbar will be removed (intended)...
  10. BulleTech Studios

    Asset - Project RunNGun and HackNSlash Engines

    Here are two engines for beginners I've put up on the YoYo Marketplace that I'd like to share: RunNGun Platformer Engine A complete side-scrolling platformer shooter engine for you to build your own game off. GMS 2 only. * Completely configure all character sprites and stats as you need *...
  11. Adrien Dittrick

    HTML5 Stake the heavens: a mini MMO about solving occult mysteries

    Play the game here on gamejolt: What is this? "Stake the Heavens" is a multiplayer online game where you play as a familiar (or group of familiars) summoned to solve a dark mystery surrounding a peaceful village in a forest. One of the...
  12. DragonRod342

    Legacy GM [SOLVED!] Pathfinding stop when surrounded

    Hi everyone o/ I'm coding a top down game where enemies follow the player if they're close enough to it. I'm using this code: this works pretty fine, but when an enemy with this code is surrounded by walls and have no possible path to follow, it just disappears! My game'll have some places...
  13. FoufaDjo

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] attack (hit) player multiple time by diffrent other players att the same time!

    so am creating a topdown 2v2 game and i found my self stuck on the dmage system. right now i have diffrent controls for the same hero and all 4 players play the same hero so its the same object. the player can knockback multiple other players but the player that got hit cant be targeted by...
  14. mar_cuz

    Design What Games Use This Projection

    Hi guys, What other games use this type of projection? I know earthbound, divine divinity and even the cool looking sock sock goes pop pop on this forum use this angle. Also, some platformers also use this style though I am looking for top down rpg style games that use it. Thanks
  15. E.M.I

    GMS 2 Motion Planned pathfinding isn't working

    Hey there! I'm making a top-down adventure game with GMS2 and wanted to code a pathfinding system so the enemies in my game could avoid obstacles when chasing the player. However, the code doesn't seem to be working. This is my code: In my grid object's Create event: globalvar enemyGrid...
  16. James Cantu

    TrashBlaster Saga

    Good day, I am an aspiring game dude, who wants to make games for other game dudes, and dud-ets or pand-ets; whichever 'det you like to identify! In Trash-Blaster, you are essentially a space custodian who cleans up the mess left behind by corporations throughout the galaxy. It is a very simple...
  17. Ryscale

    Gamemaker 1.4 Top down movement

    So currently I'm working on a top down game, but the sprite animations only consists of left and right (like crypt of the necrodancer) I've been trying to get the up and down animation done depending on the last direction the player was facing. Here is my step event code so far. For some reason...
  18. frd

     Twirly Pict

    Day two working on a new game which so far involves twirling around in an environment inspired by the Book of Kells. Not too sure where it's headed. Any thoughts?
  19. KPJ

    Top down roguelike shooter design question

    Hi all. I am currently planning a fast paced - action - top down roguelike shooter project, inspired by games like Nuclear Throne - (the gameplay will also be similar to that of Nuclear Throne). I got thinking about how I wanted the levels, eventually deciding to generate them randomly (like...
  20. mikix

    Job Offer - General Do you love level designing?

    I need 5 levels from someone that loves level designing. You will just stamp the tiles all over the rooms and make it look good. I will make anything that needs to be solid, to be solid. Must have GMS2! More information about the game here...