top down shooter

  1. AnthonyRose

     Moldermind - An endless arcade top-down shooter prototype

    About: Moldermind is a simple and short endless arcade top-down shooter but with a twist. That being that... you are the bullet! Use your special boost/dash attack by holding your mouse's left button to ram into enemies and destroy em all. Your objective? Get as much score as you can and...
  2. Z

    Windows Need Help, On Vectors and Total Speed

    Quick Question, I need to know how I can represent the total speed of a moving character. E.g VelX = 10.6 VelY = 10.6 What should I add to my game that'll present this information onscreen? I tried Vel = √VelX^2+VelY^2 ; Doesn't seem to work cause my speed gets rounded up and if I move at...
  3. DauntlessDesign

    Drag And Drop Sliding around a box in top down shooter

    I am making a space shooter with indoor rooms, and when my ship collides with a surface, I want it to slide either up or down or left or right on the object, depending on if the surface is horizontal or vertical. In this video, you can see that I have figured out how to get the ship to slide...
  4. DauntlessDesign

    Alpha Vanguard Alpha - Space shooter game

    Hello everyone. I joined this group to connect with the GameMaker community, to see what everyone is working on, and to get advice as a novice game maker. I am working on a game called Vanguard Alpha. It is basically a game similar to the classic Asteroids game, but with more features such as...
  5. jaber

    Asset - Objects Grenade Top Down

    Good day Gamemakers! : ) Since I did not find lots of materials explaining how to design/programm a nice Grenade concept and solving the issues comming along with grenades for Top Down Shooter games; I decided to make it myself and use it in my HTML5 Game. here is a link how it looks sofar...
  6. Cpaz

     [Looking for feedback!] The Color Coded Underground (Top down doom-inspired roguelite)

    Find it here on! A doom-inspired roguelite that is focused on color coordinated crits and augmentations. This started as a prototype that focused on random level generation. After deciding around summertime to try and make something more of it, I began going ham on ideas to flesh it...
  7. S

    Top Down Cover Finding( warning computationally expensive)

    GM Version:1.4.1763 Target Platform: Any Download: <N/A> Links: a quick example(mouse to add delete a to toggle extra draw) Summary: Lets be fair top down shooters don't get a lot of love, so if you've ever wanted your enemies to find cover...
  8. Bros Before Giraffes

    Free RED HOT VENGEANCE - 3D Twin Stick Shooter

    He had one rule: No killing women or children. When a hitman is double-crossed by his employer, he brings forth a night of carnage and bloodshed. RED HOT VENGEANCE is a twin-stick shooter, drawing inspiration from games like Max Payne and Hotline Miami. Main features: 10 level campaign with...
  9. qbot21

    GMS 2 Changing Player's movement speed depending on direction

    Hello :) Im working on TDS prototype with a bit tactical approach. What I want to achieve, is that Player's speed is reduced, when he is moving backwards and making sidesteps depending on direction he is facing. Sadly I cannot solve it by myself. Im using point_direction to allow mouse aim...
  10. M

    Legacy GM [SOLVED]Shooting from tip/barrel of gun

    hello, I'm doing a top down project, however no matter what I do the bullet keeps coming out of the gun barrel, could anyone help me? I'm learning to use the game maker yet and I do not know some basic things. my sprite = x=128 y= 85 origin = x=40 y=49 gun tip...
  11. W

    Windows Spree of Spray: TopDownShooter-WIP

    still a WIP, features: unlimited ammo lots of blood and gore 2 types of enemies so far breakable wooden barriers ps: when you die the game is over (no respawn yet ) game art from : google DL link ZIP...
  12. L

    GTA Inspired Shooter: Hostile - Haven Bay

    Dear all, just thought I'd share a personal project of mine that started back in 2014 Progress of project: Plot: A dude stuck in a small town somewhere in the Mediterranean. There's no plot, really, other than the possibility that you're stuck in some sort of...
  13. KPJ

    GMS 2 enemy move toward player (GMS2)

    Hi everyone! I need help. I want the enemy to move toward the player if the player shoots within a certain range. At first, all my code was working and the enemy moved toward the player but then all of a sudden it stopped working and the enemy didn't move. //if player shoots with (oEnemy) {...
  14. G

    Game Mechanics (SOLVED) Enemies Following Player -- Is There a Better Way?

    Hey everyone, I am currently making a top down shooter in which I have successfully made the enemy always follow the character. I have hit the point where I feel comfortable enough figuring out my own ways of making everything happen. Initially I wanted to do something along the...
  15. KPJ

    GMS 2 Need help with Top down Doors (GMS2)

    I am working on a top down shooter game, I want to implement doors, that swing open and closed slowly everytime the player is close to it and presses F. Also, when i try and open the door, all doors are affected, not just one. I am aware of using other(), but I just can seem to find out how to...
  16. Ratsha

    GMS 2 Shooting from tip of the gun

    GM Version: GMS2 Target Platform: ALL Download: N/A Links: N/A Summary: How to find the position of the end of the gun's barrel in a top-down shooter. Tutorial:
  17. BenSunhoof

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Making enemies run away when player is destroyed?

    My goal is that when obj_player collides with obj_enemy, the prior is destroyed and that triggers an alarm counting down to 120 frames, after which the room restarts. During these 120 frames the enemies scatter in random directions. The game is a top-down shooter where you flip off your enemies...
  18. BenSunhoof

    Legacy GM Changing sprite at a certain angle

    So here's the deal. As beginner practice, I'm making a very simple top-down shooter where my character shoots with his middle finger (yeh) which follows my mouse cursor. I've figured out how this is done, but what bothers me is that I can't change the yscale at a certain angle so that the hand...
  19. M

    Windows RESOLVED: FAILED: Run Program Complete?

    I was almost ready to submit my game for the GMTK Jam two days ago, when I ran into a problem I couldn't fix. I still have no idea what the actual problem is, except that GMS2 consistently gives me the same output message (No compiler errors!?!) when I try to run or compile my game and it...
  20. R

    Fix Clipping of Rotating Enemys?

    Hi! I am making a little Top Down Shooter and I wanted to ask how to fix this? Basically the enemy are just following the Player and rotate towards them but if the come to close togheter they clip into each other until it looks like it's only one enemy. (Like in the picture) Thanks for your help!