top-down 2d

  1. Crimson

    Released Ralf's Adventure: Aztec Mystery

    Buy on Steam or Itchio Story Join Ralf Kennedy in his first adventure! Ralf's Mother is an archaeologist, and brought you along on an expedition for your summer vacation. While exploring a temple, she falls deep within its chambers, and is trapped. The local legends speak of Mictlantecuhtli...
  2. M

    Step event collision doesn't work

    So in my game, I can't use Collision Event for obj_enemy because obj_enemy needs to be marked as Solid, and that will stop it upon any collision. So I put the following in Step event to work around it: if place_meeting(x,y,obj_limit){ if escape=false{ direction = image_angle+180 } } The idea...
  3. M

    checking if an enemy is behind the player

    In my top-down action game I want to have it checked if an enemy is behind the player. does collision_line() work here, or only to check for objects in front?
  4. M

    help with collision from certain direction

    Hey guys, this seems like it shouldnt be too hard, but anyways I can't wrap my head around it. So in my top-down game, if the player is blocking with a shield, how do I make it so that enemy bullets (obj_arrow) coming from the direction the player is facing to, are blocked on collision with the...
  5. Ratsha

    Top-Down ARPG [Video]

    I've been working on a top-down ARPG for some time and would like feedback on which direction to take it. I also hope to help other people during my development, so feel free to point out anything that may peak your interest:
  6. M


    So the characters in my top-down strategy game form footprints to the ground when they move. I've implemented the following code for the characters ('units): Create: canprint=1 Step: if canprint=1 { if !place_meeting(x,y,waterpar) { if speed > 0 { instance_create(x,y,footprints) can_print=0...
  7. F

    Windows Problem with variable

    I´ve got a problem with variables. When i set global.enemyspeed = 2;, and then into the enemy object-step-alarm[2] = 300; Alarm2-global.enemyspeed +=2 alarm[2] = 300; But in the game, the speed is on +2 until next enemy spawns. When next enemy spawns the speed is again on 2. The game...
  8. EndermanTamer13

    Legacy GM Game gets very laggy when there are a lot of enemies

    I have a problem with this game I am working on, where in the harder stages of the game, when there are a lot of enemies in the room, the game lags a lot. It may be because I have all my rooms set to 120fps, but I doubt that would be it. I don't use the draw event when objects are outside the...
  9. DukeSoft

    GMS 2 Simple, pretty performant >TOP DOWN RAIN<

    GM Version: Studio Target Platform: Windows Download: see code below Links: N/A Hey everyone, I saw Cameron Penner 's top down rain video here; And decided to add some improvements regarding speed (and added a wind variable). Here goes; obj_rain create rainlist = ds_list_create()...
  10. E

    Check if player is able to reach all points

    Hi! I have searched on Google, but haven't found an answer yet. I am looking to find a method that I can use in order to find out whether the player can reach all of the point instances that are in the level. I am producing the levels procedurally, so I will have to check whether they can be...
  11. S

    Auto Road-Tile Building System

    Hello Community! I'm working on a simulation game inspired by SimCity (the very first one)! Also top-view! I've been trying to build a system to place road tiles on a grid but having some trouble with it! I can place the road in the grid, that's not a problem! But when I place one road...
  12. J

    Alpha BossMan: A Management Survival Game - Have a Video!

    Hey everybody, I'd like to share with you a game that I've been working on. You can download on GameJolt or The current build is 0.6.56. You can also find a more complete description with controls and such, as well as some attempt at a devlog. It's called BossMan, and it's a 2-d...
  13. T

    Am I able to make a "2 layer overhead 2D game" with GameMaker?

    Hi there community! I used Construct for a few years and wanted to switch it up to GameMaker, I do have little no 0 knowledge about coding but I do have a 2D top-down game planned. I wonder if it's possible to have like a (example). I have a walkway on the ground, and on the side there is a...