1. T

    Can someone help me make random mp movement.

    I'm making a top-down murder game and I have bystanders in the game, now the problem is that the bystanders don't have motion path movement and I want them to walk naturally and make them walk through hallways. I just need someone to give me random moving motion path script. :(
  2. F

    GML [SOLVED] How To Carry Item Overhead?

    I'm currently working on a Point & Click adventure type game, and in need of some help. I'm trying to get the player to 'hold' an item overhead, meaning, I need the collided instance of said object to have the same x and y of the player. I hope I'm making sense. :confused: And need any other...
  3. jobjorgos

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] always show object on top of other object which has relative depth

    Hey I want obj_boots always be shown on top of obj_peg (the player) in a 2d top-down (fake 3d perspective) game. obj_boots Step Event: depth = (obj_peg.depth + -1); But this doesnot work so I wanna make sure if anybody can confirm if this piece of code is right? Greetz jobjorgos
  4. M

    Top-Down Enemy Collisions

    Hello! I'm trying to complete my game's enemy collisions. The player is intended to collide with walls, enemies and everything object I put under obj_solid as a child but it needs to work vice-versa with enemies as well, so if an enemy is moving towards the player, he would stop when he collides...
  5. T

    Team Request Retro-style Game Development Startup Team

    Team name: (N/A) Site URL: (N/A) Hello, I am looking motivated people to join our team who are interested in developing small-scale video games from home. I'm currently 4 positions open: 1 programmer, 2 artists, and 1 sound engineer. We are not offering to pay our members yet. However, when we...
  6. woodsmoke

    Windows Flex Armstrong

    !! Play as an iron-pumping hyper-hero !! Flex Armstrong has mastered of the ancient art of bodybuilding. Follow him on his legendary path to heroism. Flex his muscles to deflect danger. DOWNLOAD Flex Armstrong [9MB]
  7. C

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Fixing going diagonally faster in top-down game makes camera movement lag

    Hello. I'm making top-down game and when I "fix" speed when moving diagonally it makes camera lag if I move diagonally. I have obj_camera and I have set view to follow it in room settings. I have also tested without camera object but it doesn't help. Here is my code for player movement...
  8. X

    Free Five Years After - 2D zombie survival game

    Hello guys! This is my second game ever created, and my first published one! It's a game for Windows, made in GM:S. Description: A 2D top-down zombie survival game in which you try to survive an onslaught of zombies. Collect ammo and health randomly placed on the map in order to survive. Shoot...
  9. D

    Room rotation

    instead of making my character follow the mouse in my new top down project, I decided I wanted the character to face to the top of the screen at all times, making the floor rotate once the player moves the mouse. it's by far not as easy as I thought since GameMaker doesn't seem to have a...
  10. K

    Accelerating/ Decelerating Top-Down character (problems).

    Greeting everyone! Brand new to the game making scene. Let me first explain that I myself am not directly working with Game Maker myself, instead my partner (who lives somewhere else in the country) is. However I wish to help in anyway I can. See I'm the Graphic Designer and Co-Director of the...
  11. jobjorgos

    Legacy GM 2D top-down problem with depth

    Hi, I got the following problem in a 2D (fake 3D) top-down game with the depth order between objects: The movings cart depth = -160 (i cant expalin this number, i got it purely from just guessing untill it kinda works) The trees depths = 0 In all static objects (like trees and rails) i have...
  12. M

    Demo Zombie Gaunt

    Hello, Masked Ninja Games has a brand new Demo just in time for Halloween. Zombie Gaunt is a top down shooter with Killing Zombies as the main objective. Collect loot to upgrade and purchase new weapons. Search through a Huge House full of Zombies. Solve Puzzles to open new doors and passages...
  13. Humayun

    Demo GunFire [Demo][pre-Alpha]

    As there are number of multiplayer shooting games on android, I decided to build a top-down multiplayer shooting android game, I found many resources/graphics on the web but didn't draw a pixel! The game is in progress and executable for window version is available to test, I know that the game...
  14. C

    Legacy GM Collision system; player get stuck in wall

    Hi i'm actually making a top-down RPG where i made my own movement & collision script, but the problem is that the player get the tendency to get stuck in walls (only about 5-10 pixels) where i need to go in the opposite direction to unstuck, it uses vspeed and hspeed for the movement to be...