1. Pink Anvil

    Demo Inkbit Demo - Available [1 bit puzzle game]

    Hello, I've finally made a playable demo of my upcoming puzzle-game, Inkbit. The game is inspired by games like The Legend of Zelda, Minit and Baba is you. The project is yet in quite an early stage and many of it's components might change later on, but the base idea stays the same. I hope some...
  2. Nodamex

    Steam Lufulus' Creatures (Action RPG)

    Lufulus' Creatures is my second long-term game project. It is a top-down RPG. The game is now on Steam Early Access. I really want to read your ideas about the game. You may also send me message if you need a key to test the game. Get it on Steam...
  3. Mortalo

    Windows Box Kid Adventures

    Box Kid Adventures is a dynamic, top-down puzzle game. You play as Box Kid – a toy made of cardboard – going through various levels, full of nasty enemies and brain challenging puzzles. Website: STEAM:
  4. Harper

    GML RPG Style Level Editing

    Hi all, so I'm fairly new to Game Maker, but I understand enough to have started a top-down RPG. I've created triggers and what not that i can place in the room editor, but I have no idea how to associate their individual instances with specific events. Is it in creation code? Should I rename...
  5. P

    Help with code for seperating collided objects

    Hey everyone, I currently have a simple top-down RPG with a jump command, I've made it so when you jump, it negates the collide command, and with my depth working, I'm able to jump over enemies. However, once this happens I can potentially land on the enemy, getting stuck in them, as my code...
  6. E.M.I

    GMS 2 "Trying to draw non-existing sprite" error while using variable

    Hey GameMaker Community! I've been working on a top-down game and have run into an issue with the depth system. I have two scripts that seem to be causing this error: scr_create_draworder, which creates the draw_order and draworder_size variables I'm using to store the grid size, as well as the...
  7. P

    How to jump in a Top-Down ARPG

    I've been following a tutorial on making an ARPG. I'm at the point where my character has basic movements and attacks. I'd like to try to implement a jump mechanic, that removes me from the instance on the ground plane, and allows me to jump in an artificial z-axis. Has anyone had any luck...
  8. Luotigames

    Asset - Project Roguelite top-down shooter

    GMS 2.0 GMS 1.4 This asset pack contains over 20 sprites, simple animations, simple sounds and a lot of commented code. You can create your own shooting...
  9. L

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Top-down sliding along walls

    Hi! I'm trying to make a top-down shooter, but got stuck at the beginning (literally). (the question is in the very end) First, I wrote a super basic code for moving (in the step event): ///Player movement var player_horizontalspeed = 0; var player_verticalspeed = 0; //Player input if...
  10. S

    GMS 2 [Solved] Need help with top-down rotation of character.

    Hello, I have a top-down character that consists of two objects - obj_head and obj_body. obj_head is set to always face the mouse. With obj_body, I want it to follow obj_head if obj_head's angle is greather or less than 45 degrees. This code though there is a problem with it, worked the...
  11. thom

    Steam Ultimate Racing 2D

    Ultimate Racing 2D is the ultimate top-down racing game, with 35 racing classes, over 45 visual stunning tracks, extensive career mode, championship mode and online multiplayer mode. Features: 35 racing classes 300+ different cars 45+ tracks Online multiplayer up to 20 players Extensive...
  12. I

    Need help with random biome generation

    Ok, so I’ve been following the tutorial series by Talent Lost On youtube for a top-down survival game like don’t starve. However on Part 14, he covers biome generation but doesn’t show how to randomly spawn them. I have tried multiple ways to change the code, and make it more friendly for random...
  13. Flashpants

    Alpha Honey, I Joined a Cult

    About Honey, I Joined a Cult is a top-down management style game where you aim to create and run and your own 1970s cult. Summary There’s lots you need to do to make your cult work: attract new followers and keep them indoctrinated, hire full time staff to take care of the day-to-day running...
  14. DukeSoft

    GMS 2 Simple, pretty performant >TOP DOWN RAIN<

    GM Version: Studio Target Platform: Windows Download: see code below Links: N/A Hey everyone, I saw Cameron Penner 's top down rain video here; And decided to add some improvements regarding speed (and added a wind variable). Here goes; obj_rain create rainlist = ds_list_create()...
  15. G

    Legacy GM How calculate position in Top-Down racing game?

    Hi. I need help. I don't know how calculate position in my racing game. Does anyone know?
  16. C

    Demo Clones

    Hey guys, this is CrazyError454 aka Alex and I introduce you my new game project called Clones. Clones is a 2D top-down shooter game with powerups and potions (currently not in the game). For now there is not much you can do but just shoot them clones and get bored after a while but you can...
  17. H

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Laps and position system in 2D racing game

    Hi, I'm creating 2D, top-down view, racing game, and I'm stuck at the point where it comes to getting players position. I've already researched the topic and I now that there isn't any simple way to get player's position during the race, and that's not what I'm looking for. I thought that it...
  18. M

    Free Top-Down Survival Shooter, Last Light

    Last Light is a top-down survival shooter that takes place in an abandoned mansion. Your goal is to reach the last room in the mansion and survive the zombie onslaught. Find keys to open the various locked doors and earn the much needed supplies in order to survive or use your weapons to break...
  19. T

    Can someone help me make random mp movement.

    I'm making a top-down murder game and I have bystanders in the game, now the problem is that the bystanders don't have motion path movement and I want them to walk naturally and make them walk through hallways. I just need someone to give me random moving motion path script. :(
  20. F

    GML [SOLVED] How To Carry Item Overhead?

    I'm currently working on a Point & Click adventure type game, and in need of some help. I'm trying to get the player to 'hold' an item overhead, meaning, I need the collided instance of said object to have the same x and y of the player. I hope I'm making sense. :confused: And need any other...