1. erayzesen

    Question - IDE About The Image Editor

    Hi all. I was trying gms2 in last times. I was disappointed about the image editor. I need your tips about these issues. 1-I can't transform(rescale,rotate) when I select an area. If it's true, it's like a joke. It's a simple thing.Is it? 2-I can't find configs like color saturation...
  2. kraifpatrik

    GMS 2 Custom C++ in YYC without DLLs

    Hello everyone, recently I got into going through C++ source files generated by YYC, trying to get some understanding of how GameMaker works behind the hood. I'm putting this together and sharing with you in hopes to pontentially enable the community to make custom tools that could improve the...
  3. R

    Graphics Tile making for the wastelands

    I wanna make a during apocalypse game and I was wondering if anyone has any design tips for tiles and backgrounds
  4. J

    Portfolio - Programming [Paid] Professional Game and Tools Programmer with AAA Experience

    Joeb Rogers | AAA Gameplay/Tools Programmer I'm currently looking for work on paid projects as a programmer. My industry specialism is as a gameplay or tools programmer, but I can also fill more generalist roles. I've experience in Gamemaker, Unity and Unreal 4, as well as frameworks such as...
  5. M

     [Feature Request] Support running GML code inside room editor

    Hello! I've being using GM since version 7, there was a big upgrade in the general GM interface since then, however I still think that GM workflow is somewhat restrictive. What I mean is that we cannot customize the editor to make our work easier. Well, we sure can create a lot of windows and...
  6. P

    Can I create custom tools with Game Maker?

    I'm looking into making a 2D game, but I want to be able to make custom tools to help with content authoring. Does game maker support Custom UI/Tools similar to Unity? Thanks!
  7. P

    Questions about Android SDKs, Build Tools and APIs

    Hi, Trying to get the most optimal android build set-up, I have some (noob) questions that I can't find in the forums: 1: API 26 is currently installed. If I also want to support users with API 19 phones, do I need to install API 19 as well, or is it all "covered" in API 26? 2: Min SDK : 11...
  8. R

    GMS 2 Loading in a formatted Text File

    I am trying to load in a formatted(layouts, bold, italics, headings, etc) text file in game maker 2 So far I cannot find anything to do this online and nothing built in.I am thinking I am going to need to write a script to parse the text with escape character. Does anyone else have any...
  9. GameAnalytics

    Distribution Free Game Analytics for GameMaker

    Hello everybody, It's Chay here from GameAnalytics. I'm happy to announce that you can now integrate GameAnalytics with GameMaker studio. GameAnalytics is totally free of charge, developed specifically for games and only takes a few minutes to setup. You can read more about the release here...
  10. B

    Question - IDE Image Editor is Broken

    When using image editor i get a glitch. This has happened consistently and I was wondering if there is a way to fix it. After a certain amount of time the editor will just make a duplicate of whatever is visible in the editor. This duplicate can not be edited in anyway. So if I want to make a...
  11. David Richard

    Article List of FREE tools and websites for game creation

    Here is a list of very usefull softwares that are good for game creation with a brief description. This list can be expanded by other users' contributions. The softwares on this list will follow these guidelines: Free for commercial and non commercial use (No paid version or stripped down free...
  12. David Richard

    Suggestion Game Creation Tools (GMS and/or non-GMS) section in forums

    I loved the old section in the Legacy forums that permitted users to post softwares and tools for game creation. For example, I created this tool GMSTool, but I have no place to put it besides the "Off topic" forum. I'm sure that plenty other people have different tools that others could use to...
  13. Phil Strahl

    GMOC: Tool for creating objects

    I was up with always having to manually create and wire up my objects with scripts in Game Maker so I coded this little tool that did it for me, incl. template code snippets etc. I have been using it for the past two years, I thought it was time to share it with the world, well, or other Game...
  14. Alice

    Tools & resources for making your Jam game

    This is a collection of freely available tools and resources that might come in handy when creating your Jam games, similar to same-titled topic on the old forum made by @Dark. If you use some of assets listed here, please remember to include a proper credit in your Jam entry! Feel free to post...
  15. H

    Legacy GM Compiling without using GMS

    I am hoping this is the right section of the forum to be asking this particular question. I couldn't find anything more fitting but feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. While I own GMS, I am not overly thrilled with it as an IDE and so am trying to understand how possible it is to set up an...