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  1. Dragonite

    Windows Particle Lab - A Particle Designer for GameMaker

    Do you like particles? I like particles. I also like making game dev tools, for some reason. Yesterday I thought it sounded like a fun idea to create a particle maker tool. The idea is simple: you design particle effects in a visual interface, and then generate code that you can add to any old...
  2. orSQUADstra

    Windows Droplet - A sprite editor and animated sprite stacking tool, made with GameMaker, for GameMaker

    Droplet is a drawing software, specifically for animated sprite stacking. It utilizes a UI made from the ground up, aiming to achieve ease of use. Currently it lacks some functionality, but should already be enough in its current state to be used for making simple pixel art and stacked sprites...
  3. EvanSki

     Evan's Debug Console

    This is the first of my on going goal of building tools for quick game creation. The tools would be used to iron out the kinks or just provide abilities to my games, be them full projects or quick game jams. This first tool will be my main focus and will constantly be tweaked and edited to suit...
  4. gengo

    [Tool] Protect your shaders

    Download: https://github.com/GengoStar/HideGMShaders/releases Github: https://github.com/GengoStar/HideGMShaders Versions: GM:S2 Maybe youve already heard of this, but GM:S2 stores your shaders in plain text inside win files, making them easy to extract for anyone interested Turns out that the...
  5. JaimitoEs

    Asset - Extension DarkSpine Level Editor FrameWork [2.0] Full Release GMS1/GMS2

    DARKSPINE GMS2 RELEASE [Read below] UPDATE GMS2 - Version 2.0.0. Published MAY 7, 2020 GOLD RELEASE OF DARKSPINE GMS2 VERSION FIXED PRICE OF 29,99 DOLLARS ///UPDATE 2.0 * New dynamic camera system has been implemented. * Added 2 global mouse variables [global.mouse_xd] and [global.mouse_yd] to...
  6. RobertRamsay

    Released Hair Strand Designer

    Created with Gamemaker. First created in March 2019, Version 1.287 is fully developed to it's limits. Now working on version 2.0 to be ready for Summer 2020. Featured on the 80LV webpage: https://80.lv/articles/hair-strand-designer/ Hair Strand Designer is a tool that creates hair strands in...
  7. LWDIV

    [SOLVED] Path Tool (GMS2)

    I need help by solving the error: ___________________________________________ ############################################################################################ FATAL ERROR in action number 1 of Key Press Event for <Space> Key for object object0: Unable to find any instance for object...
  8. Cam Croft

    PolyModular: Fantasy Roleplaying: Random Character Generator

    Hi everyone. I'm currently working on this thing. It's a tool for the one-click generation of random NPCs for the PolyModular tabletop roleplaying system. link to download: https://ill-gotten-games.itch.io/polymodular-fantasy-roleplaying-random-character-generator screenshot: Things that...
  9. Ephemeral

    Free A Free Isometric Tile Generator

    Need isometric tiles? I made a a nice little block generator you all can use! EPHEMERAL ISOTILE (itch.io) Features Built-in textures allowing you to create on-the-fly placeholder art, or even usable assets with no external images. Easy custom texture-loading from PNG images. Mathematical...
  10. Gandija

    ThreeD animaker

    Helo, let me show this thing i'm working on. This is intented to release funny games as fast as possible. I hope u like it. ;)
  11. GameDevDan

    Free SpriteStack - Make Pseudo-3D Models

    SpriteStack is a tool that allows artists to quickly test pseudo-3D models made with layered sprites. This is a method used in various successful indie games to create a cute 3D style without requiring the experience and tools to create a full 3D experience. How Do These Pseudo-3D Models...
  12. M

    Beta [WIP] AutoTiler - Tileset generator for GMS2 autotile function

    Autotiler is simple tool that will generate tileset which you can use in Game Maker Studio 2 autotiling function. Projest is still in alpha state but I'm doingmy best to make it fully functional. If you found any bugs, got some questions or have feature request, feel free to write your...
  13. kraifpatrik

    Xpanda - shader code reuse made simpler

    Hey everyone, as I work quite a lot with shaders in GMS2, I've found it really a pitty that there was no easy way to reuse shader functions between projects or even multiple shaders in a single project, that would not require copy-pasting them all over the place. In HLSL, it is possible to use...
  14. ParodyKnaveBob

    Alpha [TOOL] Card Hunter Battle Replayer

    Howdy, all. This might be about as niche as you get while still being kind of widespread-ish. (And some people wonder why I usually don't make my stuff open to the public.) This is a tool being created in GM, intended to let players of the (non-GM) award-winning indie game, Card Hunter by Blue...
  15. G

    Asset - Project Testing Helper - Useful tool for game debugging

    Testing Helper is an easy to use and very visual debug console to help games testing and debugging. Testing Helper is a very useful tool that saves your time. Put test_helper object in to the first room and press ctrl (control) while testing your game to open Test Helper window. This is what...
  16. sv3nxd

    Windows [Version] Lime - PixelArtTool

    Hey there! My name is Sven and I just released a pixelart-software, which ist currently still WIP. I am an hobby artist and really liked the idea of having a pixelartprogram made by myself. [Why?] Well, I think it's cool to have a program where I can add things that I think are useful for...
  17. E

     Level Designer Inspector.

    Hi there. My name is Santiago, i´m from Uruguay, 32 years old and father of one little 3 years old boy. This is the first time i post here, and i want to show you this new tool i start working on almost one week ago. Is made with GameMaker, and designed especially for game maker users and...
  18. NicoFIDI

    GML with cost

    Hi there, I have a simple question. Does the "with" structure control cost enought to avoid the overuse? My question it's because I was thinking that i cuold write GML on a notepad++ and use. instanceID.scr_move(x,y); then with an automatic translater to gml whould be: with (instanceID)...
  19. zbox

    Asset - Scripts Marketplace Notifications

    Title: Marketplace Notifications Marketplace Link: https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/5689/marketplace-notifications Type: Chrome Extension Price: $9.99 Description: Get a notification every time a user buys one of your products or leaves a new review!
  20. GMWolf

    GMStruct - Struct generation for GameMaker studio

    GMStruct Struct generation for GameMaker Studio Early alpha build download on itch.io Source on GitHub Blog post 1: GMStruct - extending GML with code generators Blog post 2: GMStruct Inheritance and Types I need testers! The project is still in very early development, and there is sure to...