1. Slyddar

    GMS 2.3+ Sequence Animations (DND/GML)

    GM Version: Target Platform: ALL Download: N/A Links: N/A Summary: In this dual GML/DND tutorial, learn how you can make a funky title sequence, that includes some slick animation curve tweens. I then cover how to have some tracks continue to play their animation after the sequence...
  2. Schtipadoo

     Logo Design

    i decided to make the name and logo into a joke, this is just the first pass of it, ill use it for the beta/alpha versions i might release... i will update this thread to include some updates, feel free to give some tips :) ive tried making something more scary, the style of the game is a bit...
  3. S

     Give your Game Name/title Ideas.

    I am trying to figure out what to name my games so I want your Idea on what title to give them. Propose as many names for each game as you like. The games are: An N64 style 3D platformer involving an animal character (Also name what animal I should use) A dino killing sci-fi Fps (I prefer to...
  4. Samuel Venable

    Suggestion Forum Suggestion: "Contributor" Member Type

    I think I've heard @YellowAfterlife say that he has contributed code to GameMaker Studio before, (correct me if I'm wrong Yellow), and I've done this before about 3 times already. Well, actually only one of the code snippets I contributed was officially accepted so far, which is borderless...
  5. T

    Question - IDE Rename Game build

    Hey there. So, i just build an early version of a game. However, when installing the executable, it is preset to install to..\made with gamemaker That is then also the title of the desktop icon.. How can i change that so it is preset to my games title in the installation procedure? Couldn't...
  6. Meowanator

    Graphics Want Feedback on my Title Screen!

    I want to know how to improve my title screen for my game, Castlevania Maker. I think that the 'Maker' part is strange, so I want feedback on it.
  7. M

    Click not working on no-sprite obj_titles.

    Greetings! I am trying to create an interactive titles object that detects what room it's in, shows appropriate titles on the screen through a draw text action, changes a variable based on the point_in_rectangle function, and finally on the left mouse pressed event executes a command based on...
  8. H


    i have obj_title: image_alpha = 0. when created, the image_alpha = 0 slowly turns in step event. if i press to start the game, i want the obj_title returns again to image_alpha = 0. but my problem is, that if the image_alpha turns down it automatically turns again up because of the earlier...
  9. H

    Multiple Use for one Object?

    I have spr_title: it has 3 subimages (not for animation) obj_title: every instance for a subimage has been created in room i want to know if there i way to code every single instance of the object in the event. Thankyou
  10. S

    Discussion Changing windows settings does not change anything!

    I am having issues changing the text that shows at the top of the window as well as allowing fullscreen and resizing of the window as chagning the windows settings does not seem to be working. What is a way to find out the issue here, or am I missing something?
  11. C

    Windows ERROR (IF Statement , or ) Expected)

    I was coding and trying to create a title screen for my game and I was doing well, until I tried launching it, it will not allow me to run the game because of the error that states "ERROR at line 14 pos 2: Symbol , or ) expected. The error is in an event coding script. var move = 0; move -=...