title screen

  1. E

    Title Screen Pixel Art Scaling

    I'm at the end of my rope, I've been working on a project for about half a year now and I've been jumping through hoops with fixing the display for the pixel art of my game. This is my second attempt at making a game, the first being very basic. I've used Pixelated Pope's tutorials and method...
  2. D

    GMS 2 How to move a object to a coordinate

    So, im really new with the engine and I have really little experience with java so i ask sorry beforehand for my english and my newbie skills. Anyway im trying to make a title screen, so I made a sprite with the the tile put it in an object and put it in the first room, I made some lines of code...
  3. jobjorgos

    Team Request looking for title screen art designer (will credit you)

    Hi, Im looking for someone who is able to make a nice 1920x1080 title screen that looks similar to the one of Stardey Valley: (I do not own the images above, is it a wallpaper of the game Stardew Valley) if the title screen would look like below this would be perfect, but of course the...