1. H

    I don't know which site I buy my gamemaker from (steam or yoyo games)

    hello, i want to buy gamemaker and post my games, but i don't know which one i choose (the steam version or the site itself) i heard that the steam version you have to buy the desktop version and the web version, and from the original site you have to pay a monthly fee, someone can give me a...
  2. H

    i want to make a game with my friend but...

    i want to make a game with my friend but i'm new to gamemaker, does anyone know how we can work on the same game from separate computers?
  3. H

    Advice, Tips, Experience stories, Warnings, etc. for releasing a Demo and Game

    Advice, Tips, Experience stories, Warnings, etc. for releasing a Demo and Game on: Steam Gamejolt And other sites Examples: What is a good time to release a game or demo, financial advice for people starting out, what to take note of when you release your game, and anything else that...
  4. Bokkie2988

     A Space Shooter

    A Space Shooter - A.S.S Earth is attacked by hostile aliens. It's your job to defend earth and save humanity! Shoot, kill, explode and fly your way through tons and tons of enemies! Go left with A, go right with D. -Things To Add: -powerups -soundeffects, background music -screenshakes -boss...
  5. L

    GML anyone else here using gmk objects as structs/objects?

    Its pretty emphasized in game maker studio that, objects are literally like game objects ( game characters, items, enemies ) but does anyone use game maker objects as a way to create structures/skeletons as "objects in the code" ? Im currently trying to create a semi complex gui for this...
  6. A

    Can I make something the size of Stardew Valley in GMS2?

    I want to make a game but I want to make sure the engine I'm using will be able to (eventually) support what I want to make. Is something like SV feasible on GMS2? What I have in mind is similar in style and scope. If not, are there recommendations for another game engine?
  7. matharoo

    GMS 2 (Tip) Make your assets more user-friendly

    There are some things I wanted to share about making assets for the Marketplace. It might or might not be actually helpful, but just sharing because I wanted to. Control Make your asset easier to use for the user. It is a product. The experience your customers have while using your products...
  8. S

    GMS 2 ds_maps general practice question

    Man I can't believe that I've never used ds_maps before lol. So is it generally better to create a ds_map in the CREATION event and destroy it at the end of something like room change or game ending... ...or... creating a ds_map in the STEP you need it, get the info like from a...
  9. JeanSwamp

    Drag And Drop Tips for a newcomer to GMS2

    Hello! My name is Ivan and this is my first post here! I'm a videogame enthusiast but with not much idea of programming nor artwork, but I can manage myself to do a little bit of both thanks to drag and drop engines. My first and only engine has been Construct 2, which I learnt for a few...
  10. matharoo

    GameMaker/GML Tips

    Hey! I'm creating this thread for posting tips, tricks and random knowledge that may help GameMaker users. Users can look here and read the posts by our amazing members and learn awesome stuff! I also have a page like this on my website, which targets beginners: Link...
  11. RizbIT

    Android Best App Promotion Tips [ANDROID][FREE]

    Best App Promotion Tips This is a useful app for app developers, publishers and marketers. It has over 80 tips which can be used to market your new and existing mobile apps for free or low budget. Most publishers can not afford to fork out for big marketing use our tips to...
  12. Zerb Games

    What are some gamefeel tips and tricks?

    Hey guys, been watching a lot of stuff on YouTube about this for the past year or so. I've watched a lot of Vlambeer talks, Markbrown, and other stuff as well as read a ton of stuff. Been really getting into this with my game, so I was wondering what tips/tricks you guys have for making your...
  13. cdgamedev

    Tips For Making Games

    Was just wondering if anyone has any tips for people making their first proper games in GameMaker: Studio. In my case I want to publish it on Steam. I already have an idea for a game but don't want to jump straight into it and it ending as a catastrophe :eek:. I could only think of one place to...
  14. E

    Game Studies by a Youtube Channel

    I always like this channel called: Extra Credits They offer information about games and interesting perspectives. A lot of the time I find it useful when making a game. ^.^ Sometimes it's about the plot, sometimes about the gameplay, sometimes characters...
  15. S

    Legacy GM Nifty scripts I call SalTools: new jarray!

    SalTools hey all... here are some scripts which are a part of every project I make. If you see a way they can be optimised please let me know! Also keep in mind some of these are merely shortcuts or things which make my life easier when I code. This does not mean they are the fastest way to do...
  16. S

    HTML5 asset_get_index for html5?

    so I actually dont export to HTML5... And I hope I put this in the right forum... however I heard that HTML5 does not support asset_get_index. After finding this out I thought I would show a little trick which will allow you to do the same thing which should be supported by HTML5. I hope this...
  17. G

    Idea How to make a brickbreaker game more appealing?

    So I was just wondering how you make a brickbreaker game more fun, appealing and interesting. What more can I add beside bricks, enemies, bosses and powerups? Is it good to combine different things like pong levels, maybe something with tetris, how can you keep up the variation so that not every...
  18. G

    Discussion Indie Game The Movie

    I recently saw this documentary called Indie Game The Movie and I would strongly recommend all game makers who have not seen this to watch it. The makers of Braid, Super Meat Boy and FES are in it and it gives a good insight on their thoughts about their game and game making in general. It gives...
  19. Bukmand

    Graphics Polishing your game (tips) according to big companies!

    As I learned though all these years of gaming I could say that. I would be talking about big companies how they are using their stuff. IMPROVING: SPRITE(IMAGE). (16% Important) - Don't use scaling, use cutting: If you using (scaling the image), it will be blurred and buggy, but if you want to...
  20. H

    Max Function

    I am currently learning GML and I wonder what is the "max" code here... Please Explain... Thanks :D