1. isaacyoshimario

    GMS 2.3+ Timeline index out of order

    I'm trying to make a tower defense game, and everything seems correct, but the waves go in the order 4-1-2-3 for some reason. Waves folder: Create event: image_speed = 0; global.wave = 0; running = false; canclick = true; Step event: if timeline_position > timeline_max_moment(timeline_index)...
  2. T

    GML Is it possible to interpret midi-sequences as code?

    Hello, everybody. First time poster here, I apologize if I'm posting this on the wrong board, or something of the sort. I'm gonna try not to make this too complicated. I'm currently working on a project with rhythm game mechanics similar to the ones found in games like Guitar Hero. (Basically...
  3. yvodlyn

    GML Spawning With Timelines

    Hello everyone, I'm actually making a spawning system with timelines. I thought it was easy but I was wrong. I wonder if anyone has an idea to fix the code or can offer me an advanced wave-spawning system code. The first condition in my code works but the second one never executes. Here the...
  4. I

     YOYO please fix timelines!

    Currently, timeline is easiest, most logical way to detect a moment in time, and triggers even if it's passed (timeline_speed is above 1). Which is super useful if you're implementing something like time compression in your game, generating schedules for NPC's or whatever. But! Timelines, in...
  5. S

    How to make the timeline work?

    Hello! The timeline I put together is a cutscene for my game. I made it so that every action in each moment is just to move into the next room. I use this code: room_goto ( rm_sample) To activate the timeline I created an object and used this code: timeline_index = tml_cutscene1...
  6. P

    Legacy GM Timeline stuck on step 0?

    Hello, i have no idea why this is happening so i have my object which runs the timeline so in the step event: timeline_index = tl_cutscene1; timeline_position = 0; timeline_running = true; timeline_loop = false; then the timeline actually runs but only the code in step 0 of the...
  7. J

    Camera Control Questions

    Hello, I'm surprised there are not more tutorials on panning the camera to create in-engine cutscenes and such. Hopefully the gurus here will have some answers. I am making a platformer game where the camera follows my player object with a viewport sized at 640x480. I have made the room six...
  8. D

    GML [HELP] Space bar to start next timeline once one has finished

    How to program a the space bar to send the next wave once a timeline is finished to start another timeline?
  9. K

    Legacy GM Need Help With Boss States(Re Upload)

    In My Game I'm Working On. I Am Trying To Add A Boss Fight With States (Update: The Game Is A Platformer Shooter Combo With A Limited Number Of Ammo That Refill Over Time) Which Is A Better Way Of Doing That, With "Scripts OR With TimeLines?" And I Would Love Any Other Boss Tips As well...
  10. K

    Best Way To Do Boss States

    Well For My Game, https://worldbucket.itch.io/cave-light<---My Game Demo I Am Tryin To Add A Boss And Don't Know If I Should Make The Boss States Using Scripts Or TimeLines. And I Also Just Want Any Kinda Tips I Can Get On The Subject... Thank you
  11. Aaron Craig

    GMS 2 Timeline_Position doesn't appear to work all the time

    Greetings, I'm trying to change the position of a running timeline in my game back to the one it's currently one: (moment_1) if(this) proceed else timeline_position = 1; But it just doesn't do anything. I've verified that section of code runs, and if I change it to another...
  12. Richard Horne

    [SOLVED] Triggering multiple timelines simultaneously. Is this possible?

    I'm working on a project where I have 8 separate timelines. Each one is generated dynamically with its moments or timestamps indicated by timestamps in an array. Each timelines triggers a different version of the script. Timeline 1 - Script 1 Timeline 2 - Script 2 etc. Each of those scripts is...
  13. Z

    Question - IDE GM2 Conversion > TimeLines and unknown functions

    Background: I have a finished, released game in GM 1.4 that compiles fine in the GM 1.4 IDE. I imported the project into GM2. Conversion ran. Problem: When I try to run the new GM2 project, I get a bunch of compile errors that all are related to functions not being found if they are called by...
  14. L

    Windows Tower Defense: New Rooms, Multiple Waves, Multiple Paths

    Hey guys! I'm back with another issue. I hope this post is articulate enough and easy to understand. hehe Some context: I'm creating a simple tower defense game, programming for level one is complete, save for a little bit of polishing. Level 1 has three waves of 10 enemies of 3 different...
  15. L

    GML [Solved]Timeline not running

    I'm trying to set up some code so that if the player character dashes (simple x=x+var currently) they must wait a certain amount of time before dashing again, with the potential to upgrade to multiple dash "charges" later on. I don't want to use alarms because I am told you can only have 12 of...
  16. W

    Timeline - Manually advance steps

    I have a time line from 0 to 300 frames divided by maybe 20 different steps. What i want to do is, verify if a certain condition is met, and jump to the next step of that timeline.
  17. S

    Windows Pausing Timelines

    I am trying to create a simple tower defence game using timelines to control the waves. I would like to stop the timeline at the end of each round and on user input, resume. I have tried multiple ways to do this but I can't get anything to work. So far I have tried creating an object that sets...
  18. Fabseven

    Trouble with timeline_moment_add_script

    Hello there, I have got trouble with timeline_moment_add_script, I created an empty timeline named timeline0 And with this code : var step = 0 repeat(10) {...
  19. L

    Manually trigger timeline events?

    I'm currently working on a prototype for a fighting game that I wish to make, and I want to be able to implement rollback style netcode, part of which involves rolling back to a previous game state and then re-running frames with new input. This would involve going through potentially multiple...