1. S

    Demo Instant replay / Time reversal Example

    I have made an example project showing how time can be reversed a few seconds back and replayed. In this case, it is a replay of a football /soccer game. When a goal is scored, the replay is shown. The match AI is not perfect and I will keep working on it. This example includes all the source...
  2. MIkadini

    SOLVED Wait X second before change room

    I want to change room when my character die (i know i must use room_goto(roomName)), but before it i want to wait X second. I try with a while loop that stop code and use the current_time variable and the difference between it and a bigger variable. But this method block all the game. Ther's a...
  3. xS89Deepx

    Zombie spawner

    I'm making a zombie game and zombie only spawns in 4 directions, check the image below... //here my code for zombie spawns obj_zombie_spawner create event - alarm[0] = 100; global.level = 0; alarm[0] event - if (instance_number(obj_zombie) < 3) { repeat (1 + global.level) {...
  4. If Programable_Matter

    Timer of my Program not up to par with Normal Timers

    I'm developing a program which requires a timer. However the timer is too slow vs other actual timers. The veracity of the timer is critical to the program I'm developing. It tends to be slower than other timers from other devices. I believe this is attributed to the amount of memory my program...
  5. Genesys Generation

    How to predict the lap time?

    I have a racing game. In this game the cars run on a circuit and at the end of this circuit the lap time is calculated. The lap time and estimated lap time are calculated as follows: lapTime=timer+distance/velocity; lapEst=(10/velocity)*84; The distance being calculated in this way...
  6. T

    Discussion How long would it take to read the entier forum?

    What the title says. I'm curious on how long it would take to absorb a community's worth of knowledge. ps: I'm including all topics except tech support and the legacy forums, but it would be nice to get a guess on how long it would take to read legacy forum :)
  7. S

    Paradox Puzzler (demo link)

    Let me start this off by saying this is a baby of mine Ive developed on or off for about 2 years (way more off than on there's probably been about 4-5months of actual work going in). But as such I'm going to be a little sour to criticisms I know are coming, I'm not good at level design so a lot...
  8. Enreeper

    Legacy GM [Solved] if String = otherString not working !

    Hi, I have an Problem. i Have written an Car Ai Test Game Were Cars Race each other. but you have to open it in Multiply Windows thats not the Problem. The Problem is that i have to click on start on each of them. but if i do that they startet at different times. Now i want that all Cars...
  9. matharoo

    GML Time Rewind Feature Tutorial

    GM Version: GMS2, works with GMS1 too Target Platform: All Summary: A friend of mine was making a game and needed help with implementing a time rewind feature, so I quickly cooked up some code for him. Works like a charm, so I thought I'd share it here. Tutorial: Basically, we have a DS list...
  10. C

    Datetime Functions?

    Let's say I wanted to make a countdown timer for a deadline, and that deadline is February 4th, 2020 at 6:30 PM. I want it to be displayed like, "You have __ months, __ days, __ hours, and __ minutes." What's the most efficient way to do this? Thanks!
  11. 2

    Asset - Service Does Publisher Choose when Products Go On Sale or Yoyo?

    As a publisher to the Marketplace do you control when your products go on sale, or just the sale price?
  12. J

    Android ¿How to do a Time Checker ?

    Hello, I am developing a videogame and I wanted to know if it was possible to create a time system like clash royale chests? , that the box can be opened only after a certain time has elapsed, and that it does not depend fully on the time of the device. I do not know if I explain, thanks in...
  13. RizbIT

    timezones utc and location

    If you used date_set_timezone(timezone_utc); and then use date_current_datetime() it would give a value that corresponds to the time on my phone right. If im based in UK UTC is same as GMT so the time would be now and correct. If i took that same phone to another country whos time was 5 hours...
  14. M

    Script that adds money every 4 seconds after placing an object

    Hello, I'm working on a tower defence game. Starting money is set to 200. Except towers I want to build mines that gain 25 gold every 4 seconds. I have no idea how to write a script for this.
  15. R

    how to run with "stamina"?

    does anyone know how to make my character run like he has a stamina bar, and when that bar runs out he goes back to normal?
  16. S

    Trying to have a sprite change dependent on real time clock [Solved]

    I think I should preface this with the fact that I'm an artist by trade, and coding isn't a thing I do remotely often, so if I made a real dumb mistake, that's why. I have a sprite with 2 sub images, and I want it to show image 0 from 6am to 6pm, and then image 1 from 6pm to 6am. I couldn't...
  17. Rizlad

    TimeStamp on saved file.

    So I was throwing some polish on my save menu/features and wanted it to put a date/time stamp into the save.sav file and was wondering how best to approach saving / loading of date_datetime_string information. Any insight is much appreciated !
  18. O

    GMS 2 What's an easy way to have the current time displayed.

    I want to program a clock like the one on a computer that runs in military time and will automatically adjust to whatever the time is set on the computer it's played on, What's an easy way to accomplish this? Another thing besides this is a timer that keeps track of total play time (not just...
  19. Pfap

    Time function stop watch

    Is there any built in simple way to set a stop watch to find out how many hours, minutes, and seconds something has lasted? In the format 00:00:00? Right now I have this: time_lasted_this_round = date_second_span(start_time, date_current_datetime()); var seconds = time_lasted_this_round...
  20. Coded Games

    Help updating to delta time.

    So I want to update my game to start using a delta time system. Luckily, many parts of my game already use a time multiplier so updating those parts have been extremely easy. I just update the multiplier based upon delta time. The issue comes to when I get to things that don't use the...