time limit

  1. Tatum_vt

    Job Offer - Programmer Looking for a programmer to hire

    Hiiiii I'm currently working on a simple platform game, but I'm really stuck at the programming. It doesn't need to be anything fancy, but I'm at a time limit. I need this finished before the first of may. I'm willing to pay of course. if interested, please pm me or send me an email...
  2. C

    Limiting instances of objects appearing in a specific amount of time?

    I have a question. I made a boss who attacks every time I'm either left or right to him the code I used is if place_meeting(x-128,y,obj_player) { instance_create(x-32,y,obj_projectile) } However when using this code the boss keeps on shooting the projectiles until I'm in a platform above him...
  3. Nathan Laing

    GMS 2 Upgrade from GMS1.4, upgrade discount time limit

    I am disappointed that there is a time limit on the upgrade discount for GMS1.4 -> GMS2. Would it be rude of me to assume that the decision to do this was one based merely on marketing and monetary policies?
  4. L

    Windows Temporal

    TEMPORAL [WIP] Temporal is a unique puzzle-platformer with a time rushing concept. It is a game that points out to many aspects of the human world and why are we so different from others. Along the journey you gather many collectibles and use them to upgrade yourself and unlock new...
  5. Wuzzems

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Moving object from x and y to x2 and y2 in a certain amount of time.

    How can I make an object move from one specified location to another in a specified time limit at a constant speed? I've pretty much got the moving of objects down, but I don't know how to enforce a time limit that would also determine the constant speed for the object from a given position.