1. c023-DeV

    Windows Using same tile-atlas on different layers (Performance Question)

    Hey, I have all my wall-tiles mapped out on one sheet (512px x 512px) for convenience and mixing. If I create multiple layers with the same tile-texture, will these layers also multiply the texture in memory or do they always refer to the same chunk in memory?
  2. David Richard

     SUGGESTION - 9 Tile Autotile

    Presently when Auto tiling, we have the possibility of using a 42 tile and 16 tile. These tiles require diagonal tiles which in some cases and in other simple gamnes are not required like in my case. I would suggest the possibility to have a 9 tile autotile set that would have the following...
  3. Shadowblitz16

    Legacy GM Creating Animations and Collision Masks from TileSets/Backgrounds

    can someone explain how to create a animation and collision masks from a externally loaded tileset? I know I have asked similar questions before, but I would like to do this with minimal effort as possible and be able to use them on objects I also wanted to be able to load them from a json...