1. V

    Portfolio - Art [FORE HIRE] Pixel Artist and 2D Animator || 4 years of experience making Tilesets, Props, Backgrounds, Characters, Animations, Concept Art, and others

    Hi guys, my name is Vicente Nitti, pixel artist and 2D animator for games. I'm currently available for work. Contact: vicentenitti8@gmail.com My Portfolio: https://www.behance.net/vnitti/ My itch store: https://vnitti.itch.io/ The Last project I worked on as the only game artist...
  2. Didjynn

    Job Offer - Artist recruiting a pixel artist for long time work

    5k € budget, looking for a pixel artist. Nature tilesets, human characters and nature godlike characters. From 25x25 characters up to 500px. A lot of animations needed for characters. Paid on the mission, not by the hour. Paid with paypal or we can talk about another way. 3 days of silence...
  3. J

    question about tilesets... [closed]

    As of the time of this posting I have a rough level editor that swaps between several sprites (spr_wall, spr_floor, and so on). I also flip through the frames for different walls or floors depending on the sprite. I am wondering if it is possible to code a level editor that can use tilesets and...
  4. flyinian

    (Closed)Resizing sprites used in tile sets without effecting the tile set placements in rooms?

    QUESTION: Is there a way to resize sprites that are used in tile sets without effecting the tile sets in rooms? CURRENT ISSUE: Every time I need to increase the canvas size so I can incorporate more sprites for tile sets in rooms, it scrambles the pre-existing tiles in rooms. How can I avoid...
  5. A

    Physics collisions with tiles

    Howdy Gamemakers, Is it possible to check collision with tiles in the physics world? Or is it restricted to individual objects? For example i paint the background with my tileset and check physics collisions with the various tile blocks on the fly. Cheers
  6. Azenris

    GMS 2 TIleset UVs

    I have it setup so I can have emissive lights without texture breaks everytime I go from a sprite with and without them. Basically I auto generate a matchup of my texture pages with the emissive sprite version. That way In my shader I can use the same tex-coords for both the colour and emissive...
  7. C

    GML Tile secrets like in new super mario bros

    I'm new to these forums. And this is my first post. Let me make it clear that I am not a programmer. I don't know much about code. Actually, I don't really know any code. Please post as if I am advanced because this is for a friend of mine who does know GML code. A friend of mine by the name of...
  8. Daniel Mallett

    Tilesets don't draw in order

    I have a tileset and i have a loop as follows: for(i = 0; i < 15 + 1; i++) { draw_tile(tl_city,i,0,i * 128,600); } This is supposed to draw one tile after another which it does. However the order it draws them in does not match the order they appear in the...
  9. Daniel Mallett

    Help with tilemap assigning

    Ok this is a fairly streight forward question. I have a sprite sheet as a sprite which is attached to a tilemap. I have a tile layer attached to said tilemap. I set one of the cells in the map to something other than 0 so i can see it. So far so good. Now my question is how to do this...
  10. P

    How to size tilesets in PhotoShop for GMS 2

    Hi, I'm fairly new to Gamemaker Studio 2, and I have been trying to make my own graphics instead of using other people's art. I was trying to make my own tilesets (paths and walls) but I could not get sprite with my tileset to fit in the tileset object. Everything would be slightly off. If...
  11. U

    Job Offer - Artist (Filled) Looking for 2d pixel artist

    I'm working on a 2d platformer, but I am terrible at pixel art. I could do it myself, but that takes me a REALLY long time and I'd like to finish this game before the end of the year. I'm happy to pay for the services of an artist. I'd like to pay per art asset, and I'd like to have all the art...
  12. C

    Transparent Roof When Hero Under(RPG Style)

    This is a semi-repost. I was going to use a tileset collision in my game for this, but realized that its only the newest version of gamemaker, which I do not have. My goal is to have the roof of my house disappear when my hero walks underneath. So lets say that I have Hero_1 and Roof_1...
  13. P

    GMS 2 Best way to load External Sprites?

    What is the best way to load and use external sprites? I am making a mapping program inside of game maker and I need to load external images to use as tiles. (I am using an object based tiling system and not tilesets btw so I only need the image to be loaded in and nothing else) I am planning on...
  14. Shadowblitz16

     please add way to do the following with tilesets

    please add a way to do the following with tilesets.. get_width(); get_height(); set_sprite(); get_sprite(); these are very useful and allow the programmer to NOT build his editor around magic numbers and switch out tilesets at run time.
  15. B

    Question - Code Create tile sets via code?

    I've gone through the GML documentation but haven't come across anything, just curious if there is any way at all to create tile sets via code?
  16. Turbulence421

    GMS 2 GMS2 Tiles and Speed Considerations

    Hi, I assume that tiles, generally speaking, are much faster for a game to draw than sprites are. However, does it make a difference if I am using a huge room? I ask because a huge room means a huge tilemap layer size, and if I only need to draw a handful of graphical things spread across the...
  17. S

    Windows Question about tiling

    Hi. I been trying to make a platformer in gamemaker 1.x - thinking about upgrading to gamemaker 2. I have a wall object which is just a black square. I have also made a tileset. When I make a room, I've made the layout using the wall object, stretching it out to fit the walls, stairs, ground...
  18. JAG

    Question - IDE Tilesets with separate pngs

    Hi there Im coming from Godot, which I like well enough but feels unpolished. I just bought GMS2 and am excited about it so far. Is there a way to create a tileset from separate pngs? In Godot you can do this, but in GMS2 the tile images seem to need to all be on one sheet. Thanks!
  19. tamation

    [SOLVED] Objects or Tilesets for optimisation?

    If I was to be building a level, would it be better for optimisation to use objects for the blocks with no code, or to use background tilesets for the blocks and then place a single solid object over them? I'd figure the less objects in a room the better, but I'm not sure whether placing down...
  20. M

    Question about objects performance

    Hey, I have a small doubt. We all know that putting too many instances of an object, the performance will suffer greatly. I try to use Tilesets all I can but some times I just need the collisions and I have too many objects. While my performance is always above 60fps, I'm trying to make a game...