1. K

    Question - IDE Tileset brush missing pixel in top corner

    So I've been messing around with GMS2 and I was wondering why when you make a tileset brush. The top left corner blanks out? is there is way to fix this from happening? It just confuses me why this happens.
  2. LarryP

    Objects vs Tilesets for terrain sprites?

    I have been using terrain sprites in objects and placing them in my rooms. That can be a lot of objects when I'm done. However, I read that using objects like this is a bad thing to do in comparison to using tilesets. Is this true, and if it is, how bad is the overhead? I'm using GM2 now...
  3. Bastendorf

    Legacy GM [SOLVED-ISH] Normal Maps With Tiles?

    First things first, I looked all over and found nothing on this topic anywhere, so if there was already a topic like this started, I apologize. Now, I understand that what I'm asking is quite advanced, and could be out of the scope of GameMaker all together, so this is something I'm already...
  4. K

    Question - Code Drawing Auto-Tiles Through Code

    Is drawing auto-tiles through code possible yet without actually choosing the indices of the sprites within the tileset themselves? If so, how would I go about doing this? If not, can we expect a method to do so? That would be amazing!
  5. Alice

     Suggestion - 5 Tile Autotile

    I mentioned that idea in some other thread, but I thought it might need some more attention of its own, rather than drown in discussion about the other idea. Basically, 5-tile autotile would be like a more concise version of 47-tileset. I described the general idea in my post, but I also found...
  6. David Richard

     SUGGESTION - 9 Tile Autotile

    Presently when Auto tiling, we have the possibility of using a 42 tile and 16 tile. These tiles require diagonal tiles which in some cases and in other simple gamnes are not required like in my case. I would suggest the possibility to have a 9 tile autotile set that would have the following...
  7. Shadowblitz16

     is it possible to allow the first tile to be used in a tileset?

    can the devs make it so the first tile (the checker flag one) can be used for tile maps and drawing? currently It really frustrating that I have to add a extra row to my tile sheets so that I can have a square tileset I was thinking that the tile that is used for null tiles could be -1 instead of 0
  8. Shadowblitz16

    Question - Code getting and playing tileset animation

    can someone explain how to get and play a tileset animation in a object? I want to play use tiles to replace sprites in my game
  9. G

    Question - IDE Tile Set collision definition?

    What's the intended/optimal method for defining collision masks when working with tile sets? In 1.x, I've seen people use a unique object and just put it everywhere they want something to be solid, and I've also seen people manually modify the collision masks for individual sprites. While both...
  10. K

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Changing Room's Tileset

    Is there a method that can be used to change the room's current tileset? I wish for when the player changes their element (from Grass to Fire for example) that the room changes from a grass theme to a fire theme via tileset and code. I wish not to create objects with a bunch of code in them...
  11. F

    Asset - Graphics New assets submission

    Hi community, I have just added a 2d shooter assets gamepack featuring retrostyle graphics, you can find it on the marketplace, here's the its link in case you are interested, https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/4395/horizontal-2d-shooter-assets Have an excellent day !