1. N

    Question - IDE Choosing number of frames for tiles

    When creating an tileset and opening the animated tiles option, why does it only let me choose either 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 or 256 frames? What if I want to create a tile with 6 frames? Why can't I just type in the number of frames, it doesn't let you, is there any way around this please?
  2. Athena's Owl

    GMS 2.3+ Creating objects stored inside of a ds_grid into a large room

    Is there a way to create objects into a room that are stored inside of a ds_grid? Instance_create_layer or depth doesn't like when I try and place a something other than a direct object and gives me an error. I can draw my ds_grid when I have sprites stored in the draw event, but I imagine when...
  3. T

    Graphics Making textures

    Hello everyone. Been having a hard time finding tutorials on creating textures for a game, even the tutorials and practice work I'm doing doesn't really go into it. I'm going for something with a Paper Mario look for it. A combination of 2d and 3d objects with a cartoon type of texture on it...
  4. Slyddar

    Asset - Project Tile Based Moving Platform Engine

    Tile Based Moving Platform Engine This tile based platform engine uses efficient tiles for instance collisions, as well as incorporating those efficiencies into horizontal and vertical tile layer moving platforms. Some of the features of the engine : Tile Based Collisions : Tiles offer the...
  5. konkrz

    Autotiles Helper by @Homunculus help

    I could use some help with the Autotiles Helper asset by @Homunculus marketplace asset. I am finding difficulty implementing it in my own project. What I can't figure out is how to make it assign sprites to the instances already in the room, though it seemed simple enough at first. I tried...
  6. zendraw

    GMS 2 tiles & depth

    how do you apply depth to tiles so that player can go behind them when his bottom is above theyr bottom? and infront when his bottom is below theyr bottom. basicly adding the -y depth thing, or similar. only way i see is making diffrence betwean layer`s depths the same as the grid and making as...
  7. J

    GML Odd Numbered Mask Dimensions and Tile Collisions

    Hi all, Context: Getting back into a game maker project after over a year and was playing around with some code and functionality I have posted below (not sure what happened to my old forum account but had to register again even though I have on here for at least 5 years now?). The code...
  8. P

    GMS 2 What is the most efficient way to make Multi-Height Level Tilemaps

    First of all, it is important to notice that the game I develop is made to be look like isometric. But it is done using tilesets and tutorial of Shaun Spalding and some fundamental functions of isometricity coordinates translation. So the actual problem is until now I have been using Shaun's...
  9. S

    GML How to depth sort tiles that are bigger than one tile as one object?

    I've come across a huge problem, basically, I can either create loads and loads of individual sprites and corresponding objects to then place in my room which is really not a good way, or I could use tiles. I have a tileset of grass and trees where the trees are 3x2 and made using the brush...
  10. VacantShade

    GMS 2 Custom Tile System

    PREVIEW: I'm implementing a custom tile system into my project, because I'd like more flexibility than what the current system allows. I've already added the system, and it works fine, but I believe it to be very inefficient. Below I'll detail some of my goals and then how my system works. It...
  11. D

    Top down racing game: track tiles and offroad areas

    Hi all, I'm working on a topdown racing game, my idea is to draw different terrains surfaces and tracks using tile layers. one tile layer for terrain (grass, dirt, sand ecc...), one tile layer for the track (straight, curve ecc...) and one instance layer for objects (houses, fences ecc...)...
  12. J

    Tile collisions using grid for a large room

    Hi I'm new to GM and would like to clarify if I'm on the right path in how I'm considering creating my game. It's a top down racing game that will be on a very large room/map. Before I design and draw the room I would like to make sure it'll work. Basically there will be sections of road that...
  13. Cofefe

    GMS 2 Determining the Specific Tile From a Tileset

    So, suppose you were working on a tile collision engine. If you have a tileset with three tiles in it, is there a way you could use tilemap_get_at_pixel() to determine which specific tile from within that tileset it is at that pixel? I tried something with & tile_index_mask, but it didn't work...
  14. L

    Get the ID of a single tile in a tileset

    Ahoi hoi comrades. I make a Game where you can interact a bit with your enviroment and so i want a Tileset that destroys its single components at impact. bit with all the "layer_tilemap" functions i can just change all of the tiles in the tileset. Is there a possibility to change single tiles in...
  15. SeirLord Games

    GMS 2 Tile Shadow Light System

    Hi, I am making a RTS game with... ants, and I was thinking to add some shaders or something to the underground, so it has details and does not seem plain images. So I thought about lights, I like the light used in the game called Empire of the Undergrowth, but is a 3D game. The underground...
  16. matharoo

    GMS 2 Ways to achieve z-depth in 3/4 perspective, with tiles

    Our game is a 3/4 perspective one, with z-axis support. So you can jump around, get on elevated platforms, and all that. It's working, except for the depth system. For the platforms, we have tiles, and each tile layer has its own z position. Here's an example of what we need: The hill and...
  17. Elgarion

    GMS 2 Tiles for bodies, tracks and other footsteps

    Hello GM awsome community ! It's a tricky question (for me, at least). I'd like to optimize my program by replacing my different "non-living" objects by tiles. Today, as soon as a npc dies, I replace his object with a simplier one, with a unique sprite. When an explosion occurs, I create a...
  18. Gigicom

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Set depth for individual tiles

    Hello Last few days I was searching all over Google for a way of setting the depth (basically like with depth = -y for objects) for an individual tile. I saw lots of threads, but most of them just ended with links to other tutorials that only used the layer depth or the tile_set_depth function...
  19. M

    Legacy GM Need help with tiles.

    Hello, Is there a way to randomly spawn tile in the world that have a random tile image. I have a grass background and a couple of grass tiles with flowers on them is there a way to make the flower tiles get created randomly in the world without using several randomly spawning instances with a...
  20. B

    Legacy GM Check for tiles at a specific depth

    Hi I was wondering if there is a way to check if a tile depth exists. For example say I have tiles being displayed at a depth of 1003, how would I check if that depth has tiles in it (No specific tiles, just if a tile is at a certain depth).