1. Sam04

    SOLVED Get tileset tile width and height.

    Is there a way to get the tile width and tile height of a tileset. I checked the manual and, apparently, the only functions related to tilesets are to get their texture information. I need them because I want to create tilemaps, but one of the required data to create one is how many cells it...
  2. L

    GML Getting Tilemap Without the Layer

    I'm putting in sound effects into my game currently and need a little help. I want to check which tilemap is below an object and based on that play a distinct sound. For checking which tilemap is below I'm using the tilemap_get_at_pixel function. The first parameter is tilemap_element_id, which...
  3. J

    GML Odd Numbered Mask Dimensions and Tile Collisions

    Hi all, Context: Getting back into a game maker project after over a year and was playing around with some code and functionality I have posted below (not sure what happened to my old forum account but had to register again even though I have on here for at least 5 years now?). The code...
  4. mizugori

    GMS 2 Need help with tilemap for collision (when I create the tileset, it does not show my colored tile)

    Sorry if this is a dumb question. I am trying to have large curving walls in a scene, and I want collision on them (no objects should be able to pass through them.) At first I tried just putting a huge object, complete with it's own massive sprite, into the room for each wall. However, none of...
  5. MeltingCat

    GMS 2 Tile Collision only working sometimes

    Hi, I'm working on a top down game that uses tile collision to detect certain information about the floor the player is standing on. I have made a script for this using tile collision and it works just great - apart from in some rooms. There are certain rooms in my game where it seems to just...
  6. P

    Isometric grid with Tilemap got inaccurate

    Well, I don't think you got what I mean from the title so I will explain a little bit: I am trying to learn how to make isometric game, I used Shaun Spaldings tutorials and even added the object moving to grid working properly BUT my grid, made with tilemap works strangely because it marks the...
  7. RipRoarinBoogerBenis

    What data structure are tilemaps stored as?

    Basically I want to save the tilemap to a txt file (or json) and then load it back into the game so player created / destroyed blocks have persistence. Currently I use a pair of nested for loops to go through the tilemap and store each tile value into a grid, then store that grid as a string...
  8. RipRoarinBoogerBenis

    tilemap_get_at_pixel couldn't find specific tilemap

    I started adding a title screen so I can get out a demo of some sort. basically all it does is display an image then switch to the actual game room when the player presses space. However, doing so seems to completely break the tilemap for one of my objects. When I load the room normally, as in...
  9. 2

    GMS 2 Mirrior,Flip, Rotate All Tiles in Tilemap in Code

    Say I want to be able mirrior, flip, and rotate all the tiles in a tilemap (in game not in room editor). Also to be able to do one, some, or all of these operations, and turn all these off too. What's the best way to do this?
  10. 2

    GMS 2 Copy Tilemap Delete Remake, Set All/Invert Properties

    If I want gather a tilemap delete and remake it from info I store in an object. What's the best way to do this? I could loop through the tilemap data and set each property with tile_get_flip(tiledata), tile_get_rotate(tiledata), ect. This is sort of working for me, but would using the tilemap...
  11. J

    Windows Tilemaps

    Hello, I have a huge tilemap, unfortunately, I have to add a completely new column to the tilemap, my question is, how can I add a new column to my tileset wideout completely destroying an entire room?
  12. 2

    GMS 2 Copy Each Tile in Tilemaps and Produce Copy Maps Later

    I need to collect data on what each tile is in tilemaps in order to remake the tilemaps later and perform a few operations on them. I also need to do this for how many ever tilemaps are in a room. Given that I have the data on which tilemaps exist in the room how do I store what each tile is...
  13. 2

    GMS 2 Tilemap Array Loses Place when Sprite Based Instances in Room

    There seems to be a bug with tilemap ids, but I'm not sure. When I add visible instances with sprites to my room I get the name of the background instead of a tilemap in spite of the fact that I use "if layer_get_element_type(a) == layerelementtype_tilemap" before adding the name and id of the...
  14. 2

    GMS 2 Output Tilemap/Tile Layer Name String In Game

    How do you retrieve the name string you give tilemaps/tile layers in the room editor, and display it on the screen in game. I know we can reference them as strings and GMS 2 knows what we mean, but how do we get the program to output that name string without knowing what the tilemap/tile layer...
  15. JesterOC

    GMS 2 How do i colour blend individual tiles in GMS2?

    HEYO! So i've been porting my game from GMS1.4 to GMS2.... But i've hit a snag... I can't seem to blend a tile? Any help is much appreciated.... As for what i need to blend tiles for... it's an enlarged pixel grid you can draw on.. needs colours.
  16. A

    How to create a tilemap from ASCII characters

    Hello, I need to create a tilemap containing a set of ascii characters (e.g. Consolas, courier new or other fonts). I want to create a tilemap to be used to compose a room via tiles. Is there any tool to automatically compose this tilemap? Thank you for your help!
  17. Z

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Collision with tiles

    Hello everyone ! So, I'm in trouble, and I would appreciate your help. My issue is as follow : What I have : I have a simple controller that randomly generates objects in my room. (Trees, Rock etc...) It doesn't use grids, I wanted the placement of my objects to look more random. The rest...
  18. V

    Objects VS Tilemap Collisions with Enemy Pathing

    I've been working on a top down RPG. The perspective is like 'Titan Souls'. I did my own collisions for my player with the tile map and it worked pretty well, I wanted to be able to build levels more easily than placing objects for every wall and the tile map collisions are fast. But now I've...
  19. E

    GML Tileset Hight-Table for x-rows...

    Hi I am trying to build a hight table from an tileset wich is bigger than 1 row. But whenever I try to set a second for loop in the draw event the game freezes. I know my way is not the fastest without using buffers but it is just needed once at start. My code so far: Create Event: ///...
  20. B

    Using tilemap as object

    Hello everybody I wanna ask you all if there is any way to use tilemap as objects. Not just for colliding with it but also performing other events that we can do with other objects. Please help Thanks you