1. RobertRamsay

    Asset - Graphics TILES - 250 16x16 environment tiles!

    https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/695/tileset-1-extended Hope you can make good use of this, check out the speed video.
  2. M

    Graphics My first platform game and design decisions

    I´m about to make my first game with GameMaker and going to do a platform game. First thing I notice is that its possible to build the game by sprites (sprStoneBlock, sprDirtBlock and so on) or by Tile sets where you have different building blocks in the same source image. What is the pros and...
  3. ShiningMagikarp

    GMS 2 Tile-based Collisions and Out-of-Bounds Areas (SOLVED)

    Hey, I'm very new to GMS2 so I apologize if my questions sound convoluted or absurd. I'm still very much trying to get the hang of that piece of software. I needed a tile-based collision system for the project I'm working on, so I took a look at Shaun Spalding's tutorial on the matter. And the...
  4. M

    Invisible Tiles?

    Is there a way to make tiles invisible (ground tiles)? I saw reference to tile_set_alpha but it looks like that function no longer exists?
  5. A

    Question - IDE Tile Sets broken?

    Unless there is a viable excuse I consider tile set function completely broken because of this Every single time it excludes the first tile. It is really annoying to go to my image and edit the first image again and then for that image to be completely out of order with everything else. If...
  6. bsabiston

    Discussion Non-power-of-two tiles?

    My two games use 11x11 tiles. Am I going to be able to use the native tile functions in GMS2? My games run using the compatibility scripts but on Mac at least, the tile_layer_find function is so slow as to make the game unplayable. This could be a bug in the Mac version, but I don’t have much...
  7. bsabiston

    Mac OSX tile_layer_find compatibility script abysmally slow?

    My game is running after importing from 1.4, but I notice (on the Mac, at least), that when I have a decent number of sprites in my world (between 60 and 100?), the game quickly slows to a crawl. I mean it drops to like 1 frame per second as my player steps. I profiled it and it looks like the...
  8. PlayerOne

    GMS 2 [SOLVED + FINAL CODE] A more efficient tile terrtain system?

    I'm looking to create a more efficient terrain system that can detect more than one tile layer; something akin to a switch statement? The code you see below works as intended. However, the problem is that I cant find a solution to adding more than just one tile layer without repeating the same...
  9. Daniel Mallett


    I'm coding a platformer and would like a bit of advice. When it comes to the main level tiles I have no problem with. My question is what happens to doors that are bigger than my tile size. What about danger tiles and interactive signs, ladders etc. Is it best to just use objects or is there a...
  10. crisiworks

     Spirit of the Wind - Adventure Combat Platformer

    Tiny Adventure is an Adventure Platformer containing a mix of fighting and platforming. Download link: https://evilartbunny.itch.io/spirit-of-the-wind-wip-title I only have a test level up as I would like feedback to continue iterating the game. Things I would like feedback on: (a) How do you...
  11. S

    GMS 2 destroy a tile with collision

    hello. i want to destroy a tile which have collision with special object (like a bullet) is this possible with GML and how? thanks a lot
  12. S

    Tile Collision Line?

    I need to code a collision line for tilemaps, and I’ve been tearing my hair out all day trying to figure out how. I basically just need to define two points (x1, y1, x2, y2) and get each tile that the line overlaps, but despite being decent enough at GML I can’t seem to understand everything I...
  13. M

    Any resources/info on top-down platforming??

    I'm working on a top down game. I want to have multiple height platforms, etc in each area. I feel like I'm decently close to an answer, but I'm wondering if anyone has ever implemented this or seen a tutorial about doing so. I've been at this for a month or so. My current approach is using a z...
  14. Chaser

    Question - IDE Make asset layer tillable

    hi everyone, With the disappointment of not being able to change the tilesets during run time, it has been suggested to use asset layers instead. I’m struggling to figure out what I need to do and assign a sprite to an asset layer. When in the room I select “new asset layer”, but then I’m...
  15. cidwel

    GMS 2 Layer type mismatch?

    Hello. I want to iterate a bunch of layers, then retrieve the ones that are tilesets and do some operations. So I have this: And I have this code for testing the type of layers: var tilesetList = layer_get_all(); for (var i = 0; i < array_length_1d(tilesetList); i++) { var tileset =...
  16. Shadowblitz16

    GMS 2 grid collisions seem to vibrate a little bit on left and top sides

    can someone explain why this code.. /// @description entity_perform_solid_collision /// @param {Object} map /// @param {Vec3} velocity var _map = argument[0]; var _vel = argument[1]; if (_vel.y > 0) { var _break = true; } //Vertical Collisions y += _vel.y; if (_vel.y < 0) { var...
  17. Shadowblitz16

    Windows (Solved) multiple tile libraries of the same tile?

    is it possible to have multiple tile libraries of the same tile? like have static and animated versions? if not can this be added as a feature? I really don't see why this is not a thing. I created 128 tile libraries for my 8x8 tileset but now they don't animate because I set my static tiles to...
  18. C

    Tile Pixel Collision System

    Hello, I've been working on a tile collision system based on pixels and I would really appreciate any help in correcting my formula for the left, right, and bottom collisions (I have top working). Here's the other thread where I discovered the system and made an attempt if you need context for...
  19. P

    GMS 2 Movement by tiles

    I want to make movement like in Lisa the Painful, where the player was able to move on sides only by the size of one tile. I'm still a beginner and I can't figure it out. Do you have any tips?
  20. TheOnlyWRT

    Isometric Terrain Help

    Hello there, So, as a fun project I am working on an isometric terrain engine. Essentially i am trying to be able to draw tiles, and then click on them to raise them up one level (there are 4 slopes of differing steepness). So, i am using an engine that was posted on here a while ago, and there...