1. 2

    GMS 2 Copy Each Tile in Tilemaps and Produce Copy Maps Later

    I need to collect data on what each tile is in tilemaps in order to remake the tilemaps later and perform a few operations on them. I also need to do this for how many ever tilemaps are in a room. Given that I have the data on which tilemaps exist in the room how do I store what each tile is...
  2. B

    Tile Help!

    So I was wondering if it is possible to take a specific tile in a tile set and have it be drawn at a speific point, through code not hand drawn. Because I have made a random map generator from perlin noise and want to set in game chuncks to a specific sprite.
  3. 2

    GMS 2 Find Tile Layer's Width and Height

    Is there any way to find the width, and height of a tile layer. Width meaning the x of the first tile in the left direction to the x of the last tile + the tile's width in the right direction. Height meaning the y of the first tile in the up direction to the y of the last tile + the tile's...
  4. muddrox

    Precise Collision checking with tiles

    I can't, for the life of me, figure out how to do precise collision checking with tiles. "tilemap_get_at_pixel(tilemap_element_id, x, y)" only returns whether or not a tile exists in the current cell of the room's grid. I need a function that can do precise collision checks on tiles that have...
  5. B

    Player jitters against tiles (SOLVED)

    I need some help. I want my player to collide with the tiles, but when i play it, it jitters against the tiles. How to fix? Thank you! Code: Create move_speed = 8; jump_impulse = 21; grav = 0.75; v_speed = 0; var l = layer_get_id("Collision"); tilemap = layer_tilemap_get_id(l)...
  6. Nickolaus Lunz

    Isometric Tile Scaling

    Hello, This is the first time I've submitted a post in a very long time. Always try going though YoYo Games documents before making a post to assure it isn't something I can figure out. Recently I began making an old style isometric game. I've create a couple of tile sets to do this. Within...
  7. G

    GML Create rectangle made of objects

    I am trying to make a management game. I need the player to be able to assign different "areas" like in Prison architect or Rimworld, by pressing and holding a mouse button to draw a rectangle that defines an area. Since I'll need objects to detect wether they are in an area or not I'm trying to...
  8. remka

    Small tool to create a tile sheet from an image

    TL;DR: I made a small script that takes a grid-based image as a parameter and creates a tile sheet, getting rid of all duplicated tiles. I am more of a designer I guess, so when I am working on tile-based games, I often work directly in Photoshop, copying and pasting tiles when they already...
  9. S

    tile colition fixing

    I was trying to make tile collision but some thing strange happens so i recorded it so you can see what is happening https://photos.app.goo.gl/V9m9Geda7s5QHkF4A so this is what i have for my collision code right now OBJ_player create//: tilemap = layer_tilemap_get_id("wall_colisin")...
  10. H

    (SOLVED) Camouflage sprite with tile- Is there a tile color variable?

    Hello! New to programming/gamemaker and I'm using DND. I am trying to match the color of my roof collision sprite to the color of the tile it's on. So no matter which room it spawns in, it is visually invisible. I was thinking to do this by: Create: set sprite color to (tile_color) but...
  11. T

    Question - IDE Auto Tiling Problem: Corners of auto tile are strangely resized

    In this image is the room editor in the left hand side is the tile selected with the brush and in the right hand side is the auto tile version. I don't understand why the corners of auto tile look like that. In this image is the tile editor and the auto-tile.
  12. brinycann0nade

    GMS 2 Click on a tile

    I have a dialogue/context box that appears when the player clicks on an object. The top right corner has a tile that looks like an X. I want the player to be able to click on the tile and then close the dialogue/context box. The only part I need help with is finding the tile under the mouse...
  13. Muddykat

    GMS 2 Large amount of tiles need to disable tiles outside of view

    I can't find a way to do this. I quite literally make the entire static game room out of tiles and grid data. if I increase the size of this past 1024x1024 by anything more then around 400, my draw step goes up at least 80% cause massive lag. the only reasonable way to get both the larger...
  14. atmobeat

    Moving tiles drawn in code onto the appropriate layer

    Greetings, I'm working on an old top-down game that used objects instead of tiles for floors and walls, and I want my floors and walls to be tiles for the added speed. The game's spells are supposed to be able to change walls and floors into other walls and floors (e.g. my freeze spell changes a...
  15. Z

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Collision with tiles

    Hello everyone ! So, I'm in trouble, and I would appreciate your help. My issue is as follow : What I have : I have a simple controller that randomly generates objects in my room. (Trees, Rock etc...) It doesn't use grids, I wanted the placement of my objects to look more random. The rest...
  16. FeetUpGaming

    Getting a tiles position

    Hey i'm trying to use a tiles position to add lighting in that area. for example i may have 5 or so torches in a room as tiles, how would i get the tiles position for each one? the lighting i can do the new game maker studio 2 tile system is confusing me. Thanks
  17. G

    GMS 2 Getting the names of the objects of all instances in a layer?

    I'm trying to iterate through layers and then all the elements in each layer and print out the names. I figured out how to do this for sprites but not for instances The short version is I call object_get_name but I'm guessing I need to do something else. var __inst =...
  18. Daniel Mallett

    Scale Tilemap

    Please can someone tell me how to scale tiles. Either draw_tile scaled or draw_tilemap scaled or something. I have a feeling this can't be done but it's worth an ask.
  19. L

    Implement a video as intro

    Hi guys, i´m very embarrassed to ask this, but i could´nt find any solution online... maybe i looked up for the wrong key words. So i basically made a Video that should function as the Title Screen of my Game, but i don´t have a clue how to use it. is there a function that just uses a Video...
  20. P

    GMS 2 Tile Collision CHECKING

    hey guys, i'm making a game where you are on an island surrounded by water. I need help with making the player switch its sprite to swimming when he is not on the ground tile. but when he is on the ground tile he switches back to the normal sprite. I have the switching set up like this: and...